Where I Found My Childhood Toy!

Wa long time no found treasure already... today one more time I found some treasure at the shop where I last time found the Tikam there (Click Here) at telanai Hong Bee there!!!
This time is the very old skool balloon and the airplane!! The Balloon few years ago still got see my sister play with my niece but after that no more see agine. The airplane this is really really long time no see already and I almost forget this toy that I used to play at school last time when I was a primary school kid! The plane last time also have bird one but no more see it hope next time they have lah...

Today bring my kids went to that shop try to look for some toys for my kids and play. Every time go Toy'R'Us also boring already so this time go look for cheap toys to play with them. At first in my mind I just think of buying some plastic toy or candy for them only didn't expected I can found this two things selling there... 
First I saw the Aeroplane in a big bag my eye open very big and freeze for 2 seconds but in my head there is a flash back many years about my childhood memories I playing that. I think I more excited buying the toys than my two daughters at that moment. Last time I only can buy one piece.. this time I one time go buy the whole bag hahahaha Yahoo I can play until I puas puas!!! Inside the bags got more than 20 or 30 like that lah.. worth lah less than $8.00 (wholesale prices) inside got many different type of the model plane! The balloons I one time go buy 4 boxes one box is $1.50. When reach home I'm the first one open it and play cannot wait no more!! At first is I want to buy for my kids but last last become I wanna play hahahaha. One box got 20 piece inside and I bought 4 boxes 80 pieces I can blow until my mouth like hipo mouth that big liao lah... hehehe
Of coz cannot play all lah... I can give some to my friends kids but I think the father and mother are the one who play hehe.
So after you all read this post who want to buy better go fast fast oh... if too late no more don't blame me no tell you Ok!!!

The smell that I never forget!!!

Do you still remember how to make another bubble outside the bubble?

Hahaha look I can start selling aeroplane now!!!

Oh boy... really long time no see this baby already lah!! But the graphic now are more better than before!! Last time one is like use hand drawing type!!

You don't have to tell a 80's kids how to put this thing up!! Automatic already know how to fix it... correct???

There you are!!! time to take off now!!!

Each kids at home have one let them learn how to play. For them is like a puzzle think how to make it to a plane!

So what are you waiting for?? after read this let go buy one back home and play lo!!!