Drive Smarter with Ford this Holiday Season

With festivities just around the corner, many people are getting ready for road trips. Be it a vacation getaway or a family visit, driving during this holiday season can be a nerve-wrecking and stressful experience with the traffic, restless children and road work. Here are a few tips to ease the driving experience and keep you safe. Be a smarter driver simply by following some of the recommendations below and make your holiday driving experience a breeze.

Hands on the driving wheel
While driving requires undivided attention, it’s almost impossible to have zero distractions. One of the most dangerous, yet widely practiced, habits is using your phone while driving.

As long as you’re on the phone texting or talking, you will have only one hand steering the wheel. Add how your sight is distracted away from the road, with the combination of multiple family members in the car for a long holiday drive, and you have the perfect equation for an accident! Texting can always wait, and your phone should be put down until you’re safely parked and away from the road.

Some of you may opt for hands-free devices, but another option is built-in voice activated technology. The award-winning Ford SYNC® in-car connectivity system helps you make and receive phone calls and also allows you to browse through the music library on your devices via Bluetooth or USB through voice command. It will also read your text messages out loud so that you can stay in touch with friends and loved ones – while your hands stay on the wheel.

Keep your car clean
Even a small object like a water bottle lying in your car can become a hazard. Imagine the consequences when that bottle gets under your gas pedal. Always keep your vehicle nice and clean. It doesn’t just look good, but also adds to your safety.

Another behavior that puts people at risk is piling up the back seat with luggage. This is not only dangerous to you, but also to the drivers behind who cannot see through your windshield, which could lead to an accident if your car brakes abruptly.

Also, always pack heavier items in the lower areas of the vehicle so that in case of a sudden stop the heavier objects remain in place and don’t topple over to injure your passengers.

With Ford, arranging your things in the car has never been easier.  Ford’s vehicles offer smart storage compartments to help drivers keep your cars neat and organized, whether it’s the drawer under the front passenger seat that is big enough for a purse or a laptop computer, or a rear passenger bin by the side of the seats, there’re no excuses for things lying around.

Prepare before your trip
At some point, almost every driver has driven whilst trying to fight off fatigue, especially during the busy holiday season when you’re rushing from one place to the next. Getting in the driver’s seat while tired can be dangerous not just to you and your passengers, but also to fellow drivers on the road. If you are about to set off on a long trip, it’s important to be well rested before you get behind the wheel. If you feel you are not in the right condition to drive, don’t do so.

Plan your route
Before going on a trip it’s always good to plan your route and have a few alternatives in case of unexpected situations like road blocks or extreme weather conditions.  Make sure you give yourself enough time to complete the journey and plan for stops along the way.

Find yourself driving on a hilly slope when you detour? Ford always has your back with our driver assist features, no matter the terrain. If you are driving in the mountains, Ford’s Hill Launch Assist is at your side and will temporarily prevent you from rolling backwards when making a hill start. The system works by maintaining pressure to the braking system for an extra 2.5 seconds, giving you more time and control as you move your foot from brake pedal to accelerator. It’s also useful when you’re stopping and starting on slippery surfaces.

Additional features like the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and Electronic Stability Program (ESP) also give you greater control under any weather conditions.

Want more ways to drive smarter? Here’s more safety advice from Ford:
·       Buckle up and do it properly: The seat belt is still the number one piece of safety equipment, so don’t neglect it.

Microsoft Launches Anti-Piracy Campaign in Brunei

Microsoft Brunei today announced that the company has launched an anti-piracy campaign in Brunei, aimed at curbing illegal distribution of Microsoft® Office software, and Microsoft Windows®. . The initiative was kicked off at an event at the Radisson Hotel with an awareness session for local resellers and retailers on the risks of malware and cybersecurity due to pirated software.

This initiative is part of the continuous effort to educate both retailers and consumers about the risks associated with pirated software as well as the use of aging technology. In the 2013 Global Software Survey conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC), released in May 2014, the piracy rate in Brunei recorded at 66%. We recognize there has been 1 point drop since the last survey, and congratulate the various agencies who have taken initiatives to increase public awareness. However, the piracy rate in Brunei is still very high, affecting future ICT businesses, new innovations and the economy at large in Brunei.

The primary goal of this anti-piracy campaign is to curtail illegal hard disk loading of software and illegal Microsoft Office suites in Brunei’s retailers through education and one-on-one meetings with vendors. “This form of piracy competes directly with legitimate software retailers” said Dyg Haniza Zakariya, Country Manager at Microsoft Brunei. 

“Our goal is to level the playing field by reducing piracy and supporting the efforts of honest retailers who distribute genuine Microsoft products” she added. Microsoft is also calling the Brunei government to design more punitive copyright laws to support the future knowledge economy, in line with the country’s aspiration for more local IP creation. She further elaborated “Software piracy is unfair play that ultimately hurts us all. Economic growth in Brunei is thwarted by piracy – pirated software doesn’t create jobs for students, developers, or Information Technology professionals.

Microsoft’s investigation of computer resellers suspected of software piracy in Brunei was based on leads obtained from a variety of sources, including a local survey through a ‘mystery shopper’ conducted in September 2014. From the survey of 27 local ICT retail companies including their branches, about 81% of the companies are still offering elements of piracy, either immediately or when prompted, made an offer to sell and install pirated software. During the event, Microsoft take the opportunity to reward two local retailers who have demonstrated best genuine behaviour and practice by displaying, promoting and selling both Microsoft operating systems and Microsoft Office at their retail shops. The two retailers appointed as 2014/2015 Genuine Microsoft Resellers are Concepts Commercial Suppliers (Well-known as CONCEPTS COMPUTER) and Elite Computer Systems Sdn Bhd.

In the same vein, Microsoft APAC Corporate Attorney, Mr Jonathan Selvasegaram who co-presented on cyber security during the launch said “More critical, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation warns for the threat of malware-induced cyber-attacks. Criminal syndicates that are often behind the sale of pirated software, use infected computers to launch attacks against entire networks. These spread through shared connections to a home, business, or even government networks – crippling economies and endangering intellectual property.
The next wave of this anti-piracy campaign will be through real purchases of several units of computers and software from those retailers that failed the initial checks and will be followed by police reports if evidence is found of pirated software being sold openly.

“For more information on security and piracy related, please contact Microsoft Brunei at

"CoinCard" The Future Coins Saving

Is time to count the coins in my piggy bank that I every time buy things at the Kedau Runcit the small chance I put it! All this money is gonna goes to my to little girl bank saving! Not must lah.. just nice got B$200.00 each can have $100.00.
If this is last time I don't have kids I happy loh can go shopping heheheh but now cannot lah got kids already have to start saving some money from them.
 I love to count coin since I was a kid. I like the coins sound... coz the coin sound is the only "Sound of Money" we can heard. Even the thousand dollar note drop on the floor also don't have the sound as nice as a ten cents have!
When every time I take the coins to change I feel kinda malu one... Coz I'll imagine that the shop owner will think I'll broke already no money to spend and now need to change the coin to use! hehehe I think I think too much liao lah.

Now is think about the coins here if there is about 300.000 of house each house have $50.00 keep in the house no use or flow which mean that there is about $15.000.000 of coin not using!
Everyday the markets need the coin to run the business so can you imagine that the market need so much coin but yet many of coin are stuck at our house then the government need to make the coin every year again!! If there is a way can solve that problem I think we can have a lot of time and money to make new coin out!!!
I do have an idea to solve this question one of that idea is call CoinCard!!
Basically it just like a card for the customer to use for get the change of the coin and transfer into their CoinCard account! Example every time you buy a newpaper and a cup coffee it cost you $2.20 then you pay $3.00 and you get you change for 80 cents then the 80 cent will buy in your car or drawer, slowly day by day the money will become like what I have now. If every time the 80 cent I can use a card let the shop and scan then deposit in that CoinCard account isn't it that it make us more convenient? We don't have to bring so many and heavy coin in our pockets or wallet! Some more the coin will never lost or drop in the drain! Government each year not need to make new coins isn't it is a "One Stone Two Bird"
hehehe good right my idea!! Who want to buy my idea lol I sell cheap cheap to you lah!!
If this is really work already we not need to susah susah count the coin and look for a shop to change money... If not go to the bank and the bank have to charge us for the coin lagi right!!!

Like that ngam-ngam $200.00 for my kids!!

B And C Are More Delicious Than A

If you think about it No wrong and my theory are right!
Look think in this way.... When a restaurant their business very good, many people come eat where got time to clean the place as clean as like new!! No dust, no oily, no smelly, no spider web, no ants very very perfect then you get the "A Class" of cleanness.... to get this I see most of the restaurant are equip with aircon and their standard for sure very high one. 
I notice all my favorite restaurant or kopitiam they mostly get B or C never see got A one!!!
Then I realize is real... All the Class B and A their foods are delicious the Class A one... If you don't believe try next time you go compare their foods you'll surprise the result one!!

Hehehe if all the restaurant boss see this post I wonder they all will go apply from A to B or not Lol...

The Winner of #AlmeraEco2000DriveChallenge

About the winner of the #AlmeraEco2000DriveChallenge not just the contester wanna know I know excited to know who win the $2000.00 and 4  Yokomaha tyre. Drivers they themselves have to cut the line to release their own result. Result are counted by the average milage per liter of the 2000km trip.
The best result is the car number three average is 18.37 km/liter that is a amazing. The rest of the drive average is between around 15-17km/liter as you can see the guy with car number 3 how good is him to control the driving with skill and technic not let the car makan minyak!! well done I don't think I can do at that way lah...

Each driver has to cut their own line and show the own result  

Sungha Live In Brunei Canceled

 Announcement  from the Magiclee Entreatment regarding about the Sungha Live In Brunei has cancel!!
Sorry to disappointed the Sungha's Fans. Please keep your ticket for refund!

#HotWheels Collector Heaven

If you are one of the toy car collector here are the place I'm sure you gonna like it. Few days ago I pass by at the Batu Satu Seri Complex there looking for a parking then I pass by one shop just at the corner.. this shop use to be selling sport stuff but then I looking in the shop I found that the wall has little change. It used to hang some sport shoe but I saw is all wall of toy car!! Hotwheels.... all Hotwheels cars. I really shock to see since when here become like that already! I guess the boss also one of the collector also!
Is fun to take a look inside yo... I found a lot of car from some movies and cartoons like Herbie, Initial D, Scooby Doo... macam-macam cars have lah. This shop I never pay notice but now it become very fancy it makes me every time pass for sure I'll take a look inside the shop! 
 This shop very easy to find one lah... The first block at Seri complex there (same block with Lucky Restaurant) Next to the tyre shop there! 

This is the shop. The one and only at corner one! 

 I already target some I want to get...hehehe

 Is very rare and hard to find this AE86 from Initial D!!

 For sure my daughter she like this coz recently she watching this movie at home!!

 Scooby Doo..... Where are you?? 

Nissan Almera Eco 2000 Drive Challenge (Day 1)

One day a guy call me from Boustead Sdn Bhd asking me "Are you free on the 4/12/14?" My answer is "Yes I do" then he say Ok... I booking you on that day!! sound like someone "Propose" me and I not even think about it and say OK to him!
I really don't even know what is the all about then after that he told me we are going to Kuching by using car!!! At that time I was too late to say No.... I feel like fall down from the Cliff and ah....... all the way down!
Sit in the car and travel for more than 950km from Brunei to Kuching back and forth which mean more that 2000k already!! Jialat lah... my butt gonna open flower liao!!
But this is the trip I never go for... I never visit Bintulu and Sibu and don't know how the route looks like so I decide to go although it was a long journey lah.
Lucky the car I follow is a Nissan Presage nice and comfy but if is a Nissan Elgrand oh Mamamiya that will be a Perfect Trip lah!

This #AlmeraEco2000DriveChallenge is actually a less fuel consumption competition see who is the one who spend the lower fuel from Brunei to Kuching and back to Brunei. The journey is around 2000km, There are 10 cars participants all using their own car including the crews total is 14 cars. The winner will win $2000.00 cash, the 5D4N trip all makan, hotel and fuel all pay by Boustead... soik right that's right just announce in half day saja 10 seat all taken!!
One car for 3 person only. Me follow the Technical car. We flag off at the Boustead showroom after everyone had their breakfast.
8;30am we start jalan but reach Sibu also the sky dark already so you can imagine how many hours we took to convoy to reach there right!!!
Bah now let me show you some picture during the 5D4N trip lah... If you want to see all my photo you can click HERE to see in my FB

Group photo before the flag off!!!

Everyone ready?? Ok lets go!!

We reached to Seria.... suddenly I have an idea I told the driver over take them because I want to......

Heheheh... this is what I want!! We went to tapao Seria Kolomee and LausuFen and eat in the car!
Oh nyaman lah!!!

The first Fuel top up at Sungai Teraban!!
All participants car after full refuel the fuel tank cover are sealed with this sticker so they cannot curi curi go sendiri for refuel!

After one and a half hour we reached to Sungai Tujuh immigration post! Everyone try to save the fuel that is why slow arrive here! 

After we reached at Miri this is the place for our first toilet/cigi stop!!

Around 1pm we reached at the Bekenu for Lunch here!
This is my first time here and I notice this place looks like a very old town. Is a very small town the side  is about like 2 football field. The shop house is like 1950 type very old. The shop signage some can see very old already!!

An Panorama view of the town!!

This Bekenu town is around 200km away from Bandar! In the middle of the is has a garden for the people relax and rest!

The people here life I can feel that is very simple. For the past 50 years as like nothing much change! 

Wow... the signage very very old type! Me really long time no see this type use metal make shop signage. I wonder how much it can sell in the America Picker tv show!

Suddenly I realize this shop got selling gun bullet...

Oi.... This cowboy want to buy too bad shop no open hehehe I think already closed long long time ago kali!

I really surprise when I read the signage!! Is a fire station

This is where we had our lunch!!!

I think the owner very happy to see us here. Long time no see got so many people eat and make the restaurant full house like that liao!

After the lunch we continue our journey but the sky started to rain and is a heavy rain!

We almost reach to the Sibu but before that we stopped at this Chinese temple to wait for the rest of the cars coz they are about 20km behind us! 

We reached to Sibu town. This is the second time refuel. From Sungai Teraban to Sibu just one time refuel only and it run almost 450km.

This is the hotel we stay for one night. Not bad oh this RH Hotel... very nice, clean and big.

After we all check in to the room then walk to this Islamic Nyonya cafe to have our dinner!!

It just about 100m away from our hotel and is an Halal restaurant next time if you come sibu and try the foods here.. not bad!!!

Everyone very hungry now and can't wait for the foods arrive. 

Eat ah.... yummy yummy!!

Night View of the Sibu taken from my room window!!
Tonight I sleep very early coz the Long 450km sit in the car I start feel tired liao

Nissan Almera Eco 2000 Drive Challenge (Day 2)

Day 2 #AlmeraEco2000DriveChallenge
After a very good night sleep the second day of Almera Eco 2000 Drive Challenge I wake up very early coz I want to look for the local breakfast in Sibu! I don't want to eat the Hotel's breakfast so that is why I have to wake up early lah,
At Sibu there are 2 things famous here for morning meal... one is the Kampua(sibu kolomee) and the Kompia(both not halal). This two things if you come to Sibu must try one... Sibu people say if you no try it you'll not consider visited at Sibu!
This is my first time at Sibu I also don't know where I can find this 2 things to eat. Lucky my nose very powerful I just walk less than 5 minutes from the hotel and I found one restaurant got sell kampua and kompia! Since already come here might as well I also try on their other foods lah.. I also order the Laksa and try the Wantan too!
I don't have much time to explore the Sibu town... once I finish my meal I straight away back to the hotel of the team kick off the road before 9am.
Today they trip from Sibu to Kuching is around 400km so we have to go early and reach kuching by before 7:30pm. Ok now lets take a look of my day 2 trip.

Sorry I don't know what is this restaurant name... I just random find one see got serve Kampua and Kompia!

So this is the Sibu famous kolomee called Kampua!

The Kompia is really nice here!! I tried once this Kompia at Gadong there but not as good as the real one from here Sibu. thumbs up... fyi I even tapao 20 pieces back home during the day 5 back to bandar!

I have a heavy breakfast... Laska also nice but ofcoz the Kuching one is the best lah!

Kolo Wantan...nice!

Everyone have your breakfast already?? Ok lets go!!!

Oh No... one of the participant car tyre pomcit!!!
No worries... the Boustead got mechanic follow for the whole trip he can help them change!

After 10 minutes drive we stop here to pump the tyre air! 

The Sibu famous river "Rejang River"

After 2 hours drive some of the passengers and driver cannot tahan and want to look for toilet. We stopped at this place call Pakan for a break!

Long Q at fuel station there so we play smart go next door a cafe use their toilet ofcoz have to buy some little bit thing lah!!

During the toilet break I saw people fixing 2 new public phone. Very special one oh... is a wireless one! you see the antenna?

Around 1pm we reach to a town call Sri Aman. Is a size almost like Tutong town and we makan lunch there! 

Nice and quite town!!! 

Here also got a Mall.... eh not bad leh!

Singapore Chicken Rice... 

Evertbody.... just order what you want to eat... don't malu malu ya!

My Chicken Rice is the last arrive 

Another Refuel.... Can't remember where is this place if I'm not wrong is at Serian

During a toilet stop we saw a truck full of pig!! most of them never see things like that and all take out the phone and take picture! 

Alright... finally we arrived at Kuching!!!
The timing also good touch down around 7:30pm but to convoy 14 car to the hotel is not as easy as you think. too many car and traffic lights this also one of the reason slow down our speed to the hotel!!

This is the hotel we check in at Kuching! 

Ngam-ngam when we arrive the hotel celebrating their X'mas tree lights on ceremony!

Everyone very tired and hungry already!!!

This is my room... nice right!!
After put down our bags and stuff we have to go down to the lobby and walk to eat dinner at.....

Yes is here TopSpot!!!
come to Kuching must try the seafood here. This is my second time there... the first time it was 5 years ago!

Tonight we makan at Stall number 33!!!

Macam-macam all kind of seafood here you can found at TopSpot!!

See also don't know what want to order... feels like every thing also want to eat!

Look at the people there... full house lah!!

If you come late some time have to find a table also hard!

Lucky we have booked table and the foods already ready for us!!!

Everyone happy with the foods here!!!

After the dinner back to hotel and straight away go take shower and sleep... too tired already.
 Luckily tomorrow is Free and Easy,,, everyone can go shopping and visiting the Cat Town!!
Me I got few people to meet up.. Friends from Brunei long time no see them already... Good night!