Test Drive Nissan Teana For 3 Days 2 Nights ( Day 3 )

Here come the last day Test Drive Nissan Teana For 3 Days 2 Nights!! Early the morning I started packing my stuffs and read to go home. In this three days I driving this Nissan Teana I experience the comfy and performance of the car... I'm really impress especially the power!! I never expected it really that POWER!!! After I return back the car to Boustead and drive my own car... hehehe I kinda not used to it!! The feeling and momentum everything has gone! How I wish I can exchange my car with it.
So... on the way back the last day at Sabah I just went to a place to have my breakfast!
This place Wan Wan I came here 3 times but not open... I guess this trip with Teana I'm lucky lah finally can try the foods here!
Wan Wan are famous with their Fish meat soup... I read the reviews and heard people said here everyday full house, finally I really see what's happening here.
Really full house here and many Hong Kong celebrities also came here eat too!!
I notice my 3D2N Nissan Teana Sabah trip everyday I eat seafoods heheheh even the last day I also eat. Guess I gonna has some workout again lol!!

Wan Wan located at Jalan Bundusan, Lot 24, HSK Industrial Center Phase, Penampang 88300, Malaysia +60 16 8038199. Not hard to look for this place.. google maps or GPS inside also have their location easy to find one lah!

Don't wait for the waiter to show you the seat... once you see got seat just sit otherwise don't know when you have seats oh!!

Don't play play oh.. see many stars come here eat too! 

This Noodles are many by fish meat!!Nice...

You can choose the fish soup come with Kilomee or inside the soup with Beehoon

I choose the Yu Wat (fish cake) and meat soup!!

Not need I say you also can tell from here the fist is fresh one right!!

If not enough you can try the simple one which is the deep fried fresh fish meat!!

Thanks for the Boustead Sdn Bhd let me test drive this Nissan Teana!! 
All I can say... this is a great car!! Awesome lah!!!

Test Drive Nissan Teana For 3 Days 2 Nights ( Day 2 )

Day two... Journey continue. Nice weather and sunny day, don't know is because I come in the right timing or is my Lucky day!
Early in the morning I already can here outside my room the street there people are talking! The whole street are close for the Sunday Market! Full of people walking here and there.. I feel like at Bangkok street Pratunam there.. very happening! Now I know already... Next trip I come Sabah can choose at this Weekend to come.. then go back Monday no jam!!
I pay a little time visit the Sunday market here.. at the same time I also see there is a Flag off for the Borneo Safari 2015..... more than 200 4x4 cars ready to go for the race! I see a lot of familiar faces there too. After that visit the market and see the 4x4 cars I continue to road trip!
This time I go to the North part of Sabah which is the Tip of Borneo Kudat!!!
From Sabah to Kudat is about 3 hours drive... Thanks to the Nissan Teana it give me a smooth and comfy ride..180km distance to don't feel born and tired at all!! 
I was fun actually... a lot of places to see especially passing by the Padi and saw the ranges.
When reached at Kudat had a seafood lunch.. then visit a little while the Kudat town, straight away went the see the Tip of Borneo!!
The place really amazing!! I suggest we all live in Borneo must come here take a look this place!
I feel Freedom and relaxing there once I see the beaches standing on the cliff!! The 3 hours drive to this place.. really all worth it!
Next time I must bring my family come here again.. but must wait for my kids bigger a bit can tahan sit in the car for long hour lah!!

This is the place Sunday Market at the Gaya Street!!! Inside like at Bangkok Chatuchak eat wear use pets macam-macam ada inside there but it start at Morning and finish at afternoon!!

Morning come better coz not so hot!! if around 10amto 12 noon feeling like at sauna here!!

Here also have a lot local cakes and kuih to eat.. so not need worries no place to eat your breakfast!!!

Wow... long time no see this fruits already!! I remember my house last time have this lot we call it Ribinna. my mom used to make this to Jams!!! yummu yummy!!

All kind household item you can find here too!!

Anyone want to buy dogs and cats??

This is beautiful Shell for home decor also have!

Massage anyone??

This Orang Hutan are made by coconut!! looks real right?? I almost want to buy but too expensive loh!!

Brunei car!!! this one powerful oh don't play play!!

The Guest of Honor checking out Brunei's 4wd cars!!

Good luck all!!!

Flag off and ready to roll!!

Continue show the sunday market and I bough some of this for my kids!!!

Mini chicken for sales!!

Fish also have here!!

Plants and fruits!! 

This is all I got for today!! Next time come with my family confirm is 3x for this hehehe

Now we go Kudat!! Not bad the road consider very smooth already!!

On the way to Kudat must have to be careful don't just look the scenery and landscape oh coz on the way got cows walk by at some area!!

Finally arriving Kudat!!!

Before go see the Tip of Borneo... hungry now eat seafood first! 

Come Kudat is no eat seafood really wasted the trip!!! 

Seafood here at Kudat are cheap and fresh!!! No eat really sayang ah!!

Fisherman back to pier... fresh seafood arrive 

Got fish....

Got prawns, vege and drinks...Like that I eat less than B$30.00 you say worth it or not?

After the lunch go see see look look the Kudat Town!!!
Not big... small small like our Seria town!!

This shop remind me of one place which is at Sumbiling there an old shop we used to go there buy charcoal when every time we want to bbq!! 

Now continue the journey to the Tip of Borneo!!

Finally touch down!!!

This is the moment... I see you many time in pictures but now I finally can hug you!!!

You can see from where the water really clean and clear!!

I don't think I really at the tip of the tip of borneo.... I must walk down there first!!!

Yes... this is the real tip of the tip of borneo...hehehe

Thanks Nissan Teana!! I'll remember the day me and you come here!!!