Western Digital My Cloud™ Personal Cloud Storage

Western Digital is well-known in the IT industry as a long time innovator and storage industry leader, and as a storage technology pacesetter, the company produces reliable, high-performance hard disk drives. Which is why Concepts Computer is further expanding it's Western Digital product range available for consumers which will help them in managing their data and documents by introducing storage solutions that includes Hardware with Cloud Capabilities, like the Western Digital My Cloud and the Western Digital My Cloud Mirror storage solutions.

First on offer is the Western Digital My Cloud, available in 2TB, 3TB and 4TB storage sizes. The Western Digital My Cloud is the ideal companion for anyone with lots of videos, photos, music and files that they want to protect and have constant access to from everywhere in the world. It offers you the ability to keep all your important data in one safe place at home, without any additional cost. It also offers the ability for you to expand the storage of your smart devices by giving you the ability to upload data to your own personal cloud from anywhere and free up essential space on your smart devices.

The Western Digital My Cloud will also offer flexible back-up options through Western Digital's own softwares which comes free with all purchases of Western Digital My Cloud storage solutions. And set-up of your My Cloud storage solutions will be easy as one, two, three especially with Western Digital's rich web-based user interface and seamless web-guided set-up experience. The Western Digital My Cloud will be available from Concepts Computer for $238 for the 2TB capacity, $318 for 2TB capacity and $378 for 3TB capacity.

Next on offer is the Western Digital My Cloud Mirror, available in 4TB and 6TB storage sizes. The Western Digital My Passport Ultra will be one of the ultimate solutions to storage at home and on your personal cloud. With the ability to duplicate files through RAID 1 for additional storage protection, the Western Digital My Cloud Mirror combines all the best features of what personal storage solutions should be with the anywhere access of cloud storage.

With the inclusion of RAID 1 or Mirror Mode, the Western Digital My Cloud Mirror will let you have the freedom of having duplicate files under your control, making personal Data Loss as close to impossible as possible, that is, when one hard-disk fail, you need not worry, as your data is protected by having another copy on the Mirror drive. The Western Digital My Cloud Mirror will be available from Concepts Computers for $498 for the 4TB capacity, and $698 for the 6TB capacity.

Also not to forget, back on offer is the Western Digital My Passport Ultra Metal edition, available in 1TB and 2TB storage sizes. With it's ultra-sleek design and metal exterior, the Western Digital My Passport Ultra will use durable metal enclosures to protect the hard disk drive inside and will be build to the demanding requirements of durability, shock tolerance, and long-term reliability. With the inclusion of the Western Digital SmartWare Pro automatic backup software, the Western Digital My Passport Ultra will also let you chose when and where you back up your files. It will be available from Concepts Computers for $138 for the 1TB capacity, and $218 for the 2TB capacity.

The non-Metal edition of the Western Digital Ultra will still be available at Concepts Computer at much more affordable pricing; $98 for 500GB, $128 for 1TB and $198 for 2TB storage sizes.

Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer said, “This launch is the continuation of Concepts Computer great expansion into storage solutions with Western Digital. Concepts have noticed that Western Digital storage solutions have been well-received by our customers so we will continue to work hard to provide a larger range of better and more affordable digital storage solutions for the IT consumers of Brunei Darussalam.”

Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive of Concepts Computer added, ”We know how valuable digital data is to the modern world and this is our first step in providing exciting solutions for the local IT-market. And with the release of the latest in storage solutions from Western Digital and Concepts Computer, customers do not have to choose between reliability, high performance and affordability, it is all available right here.” Zul continued, ”And in terms of realiability, consumers will be glad to note that all Western Digital storage solutions will be provided with 3 years limited warranty.”

And for more information on the wide-selection and full-range of storage solutions available at Concepts Computer, please visit your nearest Concepts Computer showroom or call 2233551/2233552/2233553.

Yakult Is Not Only For Kids

First of all I want to clarified this is 100% not a pay ads. I really just want to share what I have a relationship with this product!
I had drink this Yakult coming 40 years already until now I still love to choose the grape flavor one! I don't think I'm the only one and I'm sure more of the adult and kids also love to have the purple one first and that's is the reason why I said Yakult is not only for kids... even the adult (me) some time also have to fight with the kids at home to get the purple color one!
There is 5 different flavor in a package but do you notice that the purple one always is in the middle??
Why can't they put the purple one at the end??
You know what!!! I think Yakult purposely do that one ba... They want us to drink the other flavor too so you must take the other 2 first then you can have the purple one!!
Yakult do have selling 5 bottle all same color in one pack too but very very rare lo... Is really once in the blue moon. that's why when I saw that I feel like hit a jackpot.. die die must look for all pack with purple one!
Last time still can see selling 5 bottle same color at Supa Save there but now really no more see again!!
If you some please share info with me ok!!!

New GOPO Train

With only a few days before the school holiday break Jerudong Park Playground is excited to announce that they have lined up several fun-filled activities for its guest to enjoy during the week.

As part of Jerudong Park Playground's continued efforts in becoming Brunei Darussalam's premier venue for family entertainment, the Playground will open its doors everyday during the school break.

In addition to the rides on offer, the Playground will be bringing in even more attractions for all guests including Fun Fair Games, a Haunted House and live performances by Jerudong Park's very own house band, with Jerudong Park's magicians and other entertainers on hand throughout the school break as well.

Finally, Jerudong Park Playground is also extremely proud to introduce its newest addition to their Playground family, a newly added and more spacious GOPO Train to bring their guests around the Playground. The new train will be available for guests at the start of the school holidays.

I'm Happy,I'm Sick, I'm Sad, I'm Depress

This 2 weeks two weeks my life felt like sitting on a roller coaster! Too many things happen and almost making me from happy to crazy.
making me don't know how to start where to blog about it!
I'm just turn 40 last week... hehehe yeah it sounds like I'm official am old man now!! Hey thanks to all your greeting from Brunei and around the world!
Maybe now is time for me to start working out again lah. I know now my age is not as easy and fast as like time when I was 20 plus lah but I'll try to make my belly smaller a bit here!~

Hulkjero some thing wrong with the gearbox when to check it say need a week to solve but now my regular workshop no time to do and now resting at home. That day just fix the clutch pump and power steering pump and now come another one. feel like there is more coming on and my wallet going to gave a big bleeding soon 

Next thing is my two daughter sick vomit and diarrhea and this virus is flying around in town. Many friends their children also have the same too. 3 night already because of this I haven't got a good sleep.
At first it happen to my sister daughter then after few day one day morning my elder daughter wake up in the morning after she took she milk then started vomit and diarrhea. Then again my 18 years old niece stay at Kg.Mentiri she also caught that and went to hospital. Now is my second daughter turn, she had this last night!!! I think this is getting worst and worst.. many parents already not sending their children to school at the moment. sign.....

This is the only this make me chill up a little while lah which is the Apple launch their new iPhone 6. As usual me every time will share and update this will everyone but because of too much thing happen to me I also no time to do so.
Fyi I do like the Apple watch lah.. maybe I thinking to get one of that first before the iphone 6 lah but too bad have to wait for next year lo!

Worst thing in the week is one day early in the morning I was told one of my buddy his wife was kill at the recreation park. This is really make me depress for the whole day when I heard it.
I really don't know what to say about this issue lah.. just really feel disappointed that this case happening in my lovely country here! We used to very peaceful but now I have wife and kids I do thinking about to put some self defense weapon around my home and cars!!!

Ahhhh... really feel like what to shout out loud at the beach....
Please lah enough already lah.. I really need to rest my mind to start my normal life!


  Boustead Sdn Bhd will be having an Almera Shopping Dash Challenge Part II Draw exclusively for customers whohave test drive/purchase a Nissan Almera that started from 16th July 2014.
This draw will be conducted internally by our Guest of Honour, Hj Mahlil Bin Hj Mat Salleh (Senior Sale Manager), Hj Md Ali B. BM Hj  Metussin (Sales Manager) of Baiduri Finance Bhd and Hj Mohammad Said Bin Hj Zania (Head Of Operations) of BIBD AT-TAMWIL in the presence of the media.
This promotion is themed “ALMERA SHOPPING DASH CHALLENGE PART II”. Here’s the catch of this promotion! With every test drive/purchase of a new Nissan Almera within the promotion period, customers will be entitled an exclusive Nissan Power Bank for FREE. On top of that, they will stand a chance to enter a lucky draw to win the Shopping Dash Challenge. Only 3 lucky winners will be selected to join us for participating in Shopping Dash Challenge.
Being built with a reputation of an “affordable dynamic sedan”, Almera is well-designed yet functional sedan suitable for people from all walks of life – “It is not a tuxedo or a dress, but is most likely the suit you wear every day” a cited by the Nissan chief product specialists.
Lucky Winners
Siti Zaidatul Ashikin Shahnom, Mohd Zulfadli Bin Hj Md Zaili, Dk Siti Binti Pg Hj Sabtu

How To Make A Star With A Rubber Band

Oh... if that night my friend did not play the rubber band at our weekly Saturday Night Fever I think this game really forever gone in my memory.
This is a very old old game we use to play at home, school, tuition school or even in the car! 
Using a rubber band to making all kind of shape. The most common one is making a star or a cross!
My friend still remember how to make a double Star!!! Double start is the most difficult and complicated one. I still don't know how it hook, turn, pull...
Me just remember to make one is the star. Really long time no seeing people play this anymore!
Now I try to not let it disappear this game and I teach it to my little daughters.
Now lets go I show to how to do it and go get ready a rubber band!!

Go from under and pull it down....

Then turn it and.... 

Hook at the last finger!!!

Then again come from under and pull the right one down..

Just like this,,, but this time not need to turn!!

Then yout right hand middle finger pull down another from the left!!

And that's it... A Star!!!
Try it and teach it to your kids or little one at home. Have Fun...


Boustead Sdn Bhd will have their Nissan Hari Raya Promotions draw. This draw is exclusively for every customer who has purchased any Nissan vehicle during the promotional period from the 6th June 2014 til 31st August 2014. The draw will be conducted by our Managing Director, Dato Paduka Awg Lim Beng Thai. Six lucky winners will be drawn in the presence of the media journalists as well as our value customers.

Here’s the catch of this promotional! With every purchases of Nissan vehicles within the promotion period, customers will be entitled to enter a lucky draw to stand a chance to win an exciting prizes :-
Grand prize is a trip to witness F1 race is the world renounce Yas Marina circuit for two, First prize a set of Estrella Diamonds, Seconds prize an ATV Big Bear, Third prize a short gateway to KK and staying at Sutera Harbour with all in Massage package, Fourth prize one year Fitness zone couple membership and Fifth prize a cash voucher worth $1000.

This promotion aims not only to reward our esteemed customers who have purchased these ever-
fascinating Nissan line-ups but also to show our appreciation to our loyal customers and their families for their support, being part of the Nissan family.

Grand. Mohd Sukfemin @ Roye Bin Saliman

1st. Abd Hamid Bin Abdullah

2nd. Ang Len An

3rd Mohd Nazeley Bin Noorashid

4th Hajah Nauyah Bte Haji Duraman

5th Haji Ibrahim Bin Haji Mail

I'm 40

Yes.... Finally I'm 40 now!!
Now I'm officially is Uncle Lim...hehehe
My 40 birthday nothing do much thing to celebrate lah just went to Radisson Hotel having a nice dinner with my wife saja!!
But there is a little surprise which is I met one of my kampong old friend which is she having a same day same month same year birthday!! Some more we are same family name which is LIM!!
Oh... now think back I'm not the only one become an Uncle Lim here.. I have she to company me as Auntie Lim too hehehe
Ok so now I have to see what's happening me in the next 10 years. Let's see my blog here can go for another 10 years or not lah!
That's the good thing to write about blog... It can record down what I  had done for the pass. So I eat full full still can go back at read what's happening at the pass! Unless the google close down the lah!
Anyway thanks for the greeting in my facebook and IG... I really appreciate it!! Thanks  

We both still look the same from young... it just I got a little bit increase meat and fat from sideway saja hehehe


A FUN packed weekend awaits you at the Boustead Fun Day on this coming 6th and 7th of September 2014 at The Airport Mall. From novelty items to food, to prize presentations and Nissan Roadshow, expect a mix of activities as well as products from established companies as well as up-and-coming ones when you visit the booths at the shopping complex.

As for camera enthusiasts should take note, Canon’s authorised distributor, Interhouse Company, will also be at the Boustead Family Day and it will be showcasing some of its latest Canon cameras as well as state-of-the-art printers and other gadgets.

Also, there will be a Blood Donation on the 7th September from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. For those who are keen on helping our country Blood Bank, do drop-in for your kind donation.
Other vendors inclusive of :
1)     ANZ Nyaman Restaurant
2)     Ximply Chriz Café
3)     Misato Japanese Restaurant
4)     Fresh Fruit Juice
5)     Edgar’s Co
6)     DR. KONG
7)     City Hair Studio
8)     Current Enterprise
9)     CB.COM
10)  Be Magnifuque & Belle’s Estore
11)  AIA
12)  Interhouse Company
13)  Boustead Sdn Bhd
14)  JW Fresh Fruit Store

Activities which will include a Nissan Hari Raya Lucky Draw 3pm on the 6th September 2014 as well as Suzuki Lucky Draw Hari Raya too, 3pm on the 7th. Those intending to attend the draw and launch are advised to come early to avoid traffic-related problems. Pease take note that for those attending the lucky draw events, they are required to bring their identity cards along or if the person can’t  make it, representatives will need to submit a letter of authorisation from the non-attending person.

As for the kids, we have FREE cotton candy, bouncer, face painting, Nissan Junior Drawing competition and Tamiya Mini 4WD competition. So if you have no plans for the weekend, head to The Airport Mall to join the fun at the Boustead Fun Day 2014.


GHK Motors Sdn Bhd today announced the first 2014 Chrysler Charity Golf Tournament to be held on 21st September 2014 at The Empire Golf & Country Club.

This competition is open to all Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge customers as part of a goodwill campaign to give back to the society. A minimum entrance fee of B$50 is imposed for all participants who wish to take part with all proceeds going to two selected charity homes, ie Pusat Bahagia Eric Goh Foundation and Pusat Ehsan Al Ameerah Al Hajah Maryam which are under ‘Chrysler Customer Care’ program.

Chrysler Customer Care program is an initiative by Chrysler customers to encourage continuous CSR activities being conducted from time to time to help underprivileged people. On top of the proceeds collected from the participation fees during this tournament, GHK Motors Sdn Bhd as the main organizer will also contribute the same value back to the two selected foundations. 

Chrysler Customer Care program will see more CSR activities being conducted in the future with the hope it would encourage unity and compassion between Chrysler owners and the underprivileged and needy people in Brunei. 
Among the major attractions during this competition include two major “Hole In One” prize, which is a brand new Chrysler 300C at Hole no. 7 and a brand new Dodge Journey for Hole no. 14. Participants can also expect other attractive prizes which include Trophy Plus Golf Driver, Hybrid, Putter and golf balls besides lucky draw for all participants.

All Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge owners are invited to participate in this tournament by registering their interest by calling Ms Sarah at 2426205, 2426206 and 2426207.

The 2014 Chrysler Charity Golf Invitational Tournament is being organized by GHK Motors Sdn Bhd and is fully supported by Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge.

More exciting information about this tournament may be obtained at