STEELSERIES Available Now At Concepts Computer!

 With the proliferation of Info-Technology and ICT in general, personal computers in the form of desktops or laptops are now a major part of daily life in a modern society. This also means that personal computers are also now becoming a part of our leisure or spare time, and this leads to computer gaming being one of the few emerging IT market in Brunei Darussalam.

And Concepts Computer is entering the Gaming sector with the help of SteelSeries and their wide range of gaming products. SteelSeries is a global brand and gaming industry leader that focuses on high-performance gaming gear that provides superior quality and a competitive edge to the most demanding and professional gamers in the industry, and Concepts Computer will work hand-in-hand with SteelSeries to bring the same level of quality and competitive edge to the local gaming scene in Brunei Darussalam.

 In their pursuit of gaming perfection, SteelSeries has launched an iconic series of gaming peripherals, the SteelSeries Frost Blue and Heat Orange limited edition gaming gears, in the form of gaming mouse, gaming headset and gaming mousepad. These limited edition gaming gears will sport exciting colour combinations, Blue (Frost) and Orange (Heat), to denote that these peripherals are limited edition and optimized for gaming. The SteelSeries Frost Blue and Heat Orange limited edition gaming gears will comprise of the SteelSeries Sensei RAW gaming mouse, the SteelSeries Siberia v2 gaming headset, and the SteelSeries QCK gaming mousepad. Each of these individual parts will help to create a perfect combination of high performance and superior gaming experience.

The SteelSeries Sensei RAW mouse will be able to provide performance as high as 5,670 counts per inch in terms of scalable pointer speed, and fine-tuning on-the-fly of the speed will be easy as toggling high or low. The addition of PTFE materials will provide smooth glides for fast pace gaming and the double-braided cords will ensure a reliable connection all the time. The SteelSeries Siberia v2 gaming headset will deliver superior sound while utilizing a comfortable over-the-head suspension design. The limited edition SteelSeries Siberia v2 gaming headsets will also utilize super-bright LED to differentiate it's unique design from other competitors. The third part of the limited edition set is a SteelSeries QCK gaming mousepad, it will have the signature colours of the Frost and Heat series plus it will also have the simple, slim functionality of SteelSeries QCK gaming mousepads.

 Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer said, ”Our partnership with SteelSeries is the next step in Concepts Computer's diversification and expansion into different sectors of the Bruneian IT market.” He continued, ”We believe for Gamers, 'Winning is Everything', and that is what we're trying to deliver with SteelSeries gaming peripherals.”

Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive of Concepts Computer said, ”We're not only showcasing the next generation in gaming but we will also provide a 'Live Gaming Experience' by letting our customers have a chance in using these high-end products in our showroom.” He continued, ”And with SteelSeries, we will combine high performance, reliability and affordability into one sleek package.”

For more information and to experience the SteelSeries and Concepts Computer “Live Gaming Experience”, please visit your nearest Concepts Computer showroom or call 2233551/2233552.

Beachathon Preparation

Yes... this few day I really busy!!! Go here Rush there.. sampai I don't even have extra time to do my blog!!
This sunday is my another Beach Bunch project.. the Beachathon!! This year is the 3rd year already and I gonna have a lot of thing to prepare it!! Camp, Toilet, Banner, Prize, Send letter etc... this is enough to make me dizzy! Thanks to the other team member to help me out too if not I also don't know how to make it right! 
So here is another preparation... we went to the beach and checking the trail and collect some rubbish for the game car "Guess The Weight" see who can get the closer answer then will win a awesome prize!!! which is an Smart Phone! 
I hope is gonna be a nice good day.. no rain no big sun lah!!! So wish me luck lah everything go smooth smooth!!  

 Eh... this time the river mouth is different last year one oh!!!

 People catch fish there!

 I really like this place~ It make me feel like I'm in other country! 

If our beach can everyday clean like that awesome!! 

As usual lah.... Everytime after I go Merangang Beach I sure come Taty's Cafe eat their Lamb Burger and look my face in the paper there!! hehehe Do I look younger or older?

BMW X5 Arrived

Finally the new X5 landed to town!! How much ah??? 100+ Thousand...oh
I see already water mouth run!! The QAF there also have sell cheap cheap with used car there.. cheap until you don't believe lah!!

Greeting from Richard Laidlaw the Aladdin On Skates!


JP Got New Ride

I'm sure you guys know that I had post JP now they having a renovation there right! see here
So yesterday I eat full got nothing to do I drive to there and take a look see what have the done! I from far far already saw them dry run the ferris wheel and the led light bling bling there! 
I'm surprise see that the project is quite fast yo.. mmm I think the park not far away soon open tu!!
The ferris wheel is not high like Singapore one lah of coz but I think is more enough already the high for a family ride up there! I wonder my kids do they takut or not side in there.. hehe can't wait to bring them go there play!!

Universal Incredible Coaster Draw

Boustead Sdn Bhd will have their Universal Incredible Coaster, New Year Promotions draw. This draw is exclusively for every customers who have purchased Nissan Pulsar, Juke, Evalia, Almera or March during the promotional period from the 16th December 2013 to 31st March 2014. The draw will be conducted by our Sales Manager, Mr Tan Teck Hock. Three lucky winners will be drawn in the presence of the media journalists as well as our value customers.

This promotion is themed “Nissan Universal Incredible Coaster”. Here’s the catch of this promotion!
With every purchases of any selected model Nissan Pulsar, Juke Evalia, Almera or March within the promotion period, customers will be entitled to enter a lucky draw to stand a chance to win a trip of two to the designated country. First prize is a all day pass to Universal Studio Osaka and the Third prize is a all day pass to Universal Studio Singapore.

This promotion aims not only to reward our esteemed customers who have purchased this ever fascinating NISSAN line-ups but also to show our appreciation to our loyal customers and their families
for their support, being part of the Nissan family.

1st Prize
Hjh Kamariah Binti Hj Mohd Yassin
2nd Prize
Chong Kiong Hen
3rd Prize
Mohd Fardillah Bin Mohammad Azman @ Osni B. Belanda

Aladin On Skates Rescheduled

Guys!!! The Aladdin on Skates show has been rescheduled already due to unforeseen circumstance!!! Please check your ticket date bruthers!!! 18 April ticket's show change to 8 August!!!
19 April change to 9 August..... and the 20 April ticket has change to 10 August!!!! I time is still same only the Date saja!!! If you have any question of the show or your tickets please drop a call 88088833!!! Ticket still available Utama Grand- The Mall Main Entrance!!!

Universal Incredible Coaster Draw

Boustead Sdn Bhd will have this promotion is themed “Suzuki Wet and Wild Promotion”. Here’s the catch of this promotion!
With every purchases of any selected model Suzuki Grand Vitara, APV, Swift, Alto or Jimny within the promotion period, customers will be entitled to enter a lucky draw to stand a chance to win a trip of two to the designated country. First prize is a trip to Gold Coast and Sea World, Australia with a complimentary Go Pro Hero 3+ to record your moments during the trip, Second prize is a trip to Bali, Indonesia with a complimentary GO Pro Hero 3+ and the Third Prize is a trip to Phuket, Thailand with a complimentary GO Pro Hero 3+.

This promotion aims not only to reward our esteemed customers who have purchased this ever fascinating SUZUKI line-ups but also to show our appreciation to our loyal customers and their families for their support, being part of the SUZUKI family.

1st Prize
Jamulidin Bin Hj Lamit / Tamit
2nd Prize
Hj Jamali Bin Hj Tuah
3rd Prize
Nesting Sdn Bhd @ Mr Jin Long Cong

#PestaBonet Planning, Discussing, Categorizing

After my Pesta Bonet posted in my facebook page I received many feedback from my viewer! Many of them also want to joining. In a week I looking for friends to help me out about my idea and thanks to them all very helpful and support me!  Now we slowly work it out and hope we can make it! 
At the moment we think of there is the best place to do the first event! Some say better do at the Stadium there coz have a lot of car park for the seller and buyer! 
But the question is we have no enough of budget and man power.. To control the seller who are not subscribe one are already one of the big issue! So we plan to do the first PB at Bandar  the Waterfront there! Only one entrance and also only for the seller can go in parking there! Visitor can park their car at both side of waterfront, yayasan, padang SOAS or tamu there! 
Time and Date have decide and comfirm lah.. but we really try and hope can do it next month. This one we want a proper approver one... not simply simply post in fb and just say a welcome at which beach or what car park! We don't know later get into trouble... Later I receive a saman letter Jialat!!
 Me and the team also think how to work it out... what's the T&C, Where is the seller location... 
Headache lah... I didn't know that it was so many things to do and plan. Just To do the planing and categorize the parking lot also take half day talk talk... Now I understand why some people in their company once say MEETING their face all long long one! 
hehehe Ok lah so once is ready for the pesta we will update in the Fb page HERE!!
I also can't wait to sell my home stuff... at home I have many kids stuff must let go... Buang also sayang.. so hope this PB can someone buy away my items!!
Guys please come support support oK!

Meeting with the team how should we locate the seller! 

We even plan the PB date and location until the end of 2014!!!
Serious one we all Don't play play..hehehe 

 I was wondering if we can do it inside the hall here.... Isn't it awesome!! all seller car just parking in side there. From morning until evening also not need to worries hot and sweating!!
But the question is how much is renter!!! I don't have budget oh.....


Age should not be a hindrance to using the latest and best IT products, this is why Concepts Computers will be doing a special deal for every purchase of an ACER smart-phone, be it the most affordable to the highest end ones, by those over the age of 50 years old entitles them to a special gift, a STARIUS 2,600mAH power-bank.

First on offer is ACER Liquid Z3s, available for $158, is an affordable, dual core 1Ghz Android smart-phone. It has  Acer's very own user profile UI which provides a way to easily change between different profile modes; from basic mode for entry-level users, senior mode for mom and dad, keypad mode for quick dialing, and classic mode that puts categorized apps at your fingertips. The ACER Liquid Z3s is perfect as a first smart-phone for senior citizens and young children alike !

Next on offer is the ACER Liquid Z5, available for $$238 (512MB) or $288 (1GB), has the ideal size to reap all the great benefits of a smart-phone. Pictures and videos are bright and clear on its large 5" display. With the AcerRAPID button on the ACER Liquid Z5, you can start your day with just a single press even if your screen is off. AcerRAPID can quickly launch the camera so you'll never miss a moment and it can also launch your favorite applications from the home screen and answer calls. The ACER Liquid Z5 sports a front-facing high-performance speaker that has clear audio equipped with DTS Sound for smart-phones. It can play soundtracks beautifully with wide stereo-width and vocal enhancements so everything sounds its best. The ACER Liquid Z5 is perfect for those looking to carry a mid-range highly capable smart-phone.

Another model on offer is the ACER Liquid E2, available for $328, has an elegant curved design with a large 4.5" HD screen  and with a camera that has zero shutter delay, so you'll catch everything the moment you press the button. With speedy continuous shooting, you can take up to 8 pictures per second just by holding down the camera key. Dual metal speakers with a radiant mesh pattern blast awesome stereo sound. DTS Sound for smart-phones plays soundtracks beautifully and has volume maximisation, wide stereo width enhancement and more, so all your audio sounds its best. The ACER Liquid E2 is a worthwhile entertainment smart-phone for those on-the-go !

Next we have the ACER Liquid S1, available for $498, its large 5.7" HD display features a zero-air-gap design and the curved front and side case with rounded edges looks and feels great in hand while on-the-go. It comes with all the tools of the office in your phone with Acer Docs and Acer Remote Files applications, so that spur-of-the-moment presentations can go smoothly. ACER's Float Apps lets you make four apps "float" on top of your current task at any time so you can multitask efficiently, and with Float Caller, calls pop up as mini windows without interrupting the app you're using. The ACER Liquid S1 is the perfect Business Smart-Phone for those who needs their office apps on-the-go !

Last on offer is the ACER Liquid S2, available for $848, has a 6" Full HD display with IPS technology and made with a curved Gorilla Glass 3 surface provides a smooth, edgeless screen plus tough protection. It sports Zero Air Gap technology making images look great from all angles, even under sunlight. The ACER Liquid S2 sports a 13 MP, f/2.2 camera that captures breathtaking 27 MP panoramic images, and able to record video in 4K Ultra HD2 with four times higher resolution than Full HD. Its built-in Dolby Digital Plus also helps to deliver great sound over the two stereo speakers, and you can experience 5.1-channel virtual surround sound on your headphones, the intuitive graphical tuner will also let you adjust the sound to your preference for pitch perfect sound quality. All these great tech makes the ACER Liquid Z5 a great multimedia device.

Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive of Concepts Computer said, “This special deal is the beginning of a great expansion for Concepts Computer, we noticed that there's a market for high-affordability and good reliability in smart-phones, and with Acer's help, we hope to fulfill the needs of Bruneian consumers in this market.” He continued, ”And in terms of aiding older citizens of Brunei, we've arranged a special deal where elder consumers will get greater benefits, they will receive a STARIUS 2,600mAH for free, when it comes to purchasing from Concepts Computer.” Zul also added, “This special deal will also benefit students and teachers as we will extend the same courtesy to them, too. Just make sure to bring your ID or any document that proves you are 50 years old and above, a teacher or a student, before taking advantage of this special deal.”

For more information on the wide-selection and full-range of ACER Smart-Phones or STARIUS Power-Banks available at Concepts Computer, please visit your nearest Concepts Computer showroom or call 2233551/2233552. You can also get more information at the Indoor Stadium in Berakas, where Concepts Computer is involved in the Charity Expo Amal Dana DPMM 2014 from 9th April til 13th April open from 10am until 10pm.

Business Social

Yesterday I send my wife to Giant Supermarket at Kg.Rimba there to meet up someone who want to buy Unicity from her. She been doing well with the products for quite some time already. She also same like other using the social media like Facebook or Instagram to promoting and help to do the sale. Then we stop at the Giant car park there is a around 6pm. The place I park there is was quite far away from the supermarket... but funny thing is saw there is me are not the only car park far far away from the supermarket to wait for some one!!! 
I saw there is more than 15 car there and everyone are stay in the car look at the phone... like waiting for someone there. 
After that I realise those people there also same like my wife they all are selling stuff in the internet and came here to meet their customer!!
In just a 30 minutes saja I saw 15 people meet the customer and pass the items they order! You know what I saw they selling?? It has Cake, Watch, clothes, tudong, gadgets, car exhaust pipe, cat and even a guy meet his customer here to sell his car!! there is other side of the car park I can't see what they selling most probably is gadget lah.
It make me feel curious about what they has selling especially the one next to my car who sell cat! I really feel like what to go next to her door and look at the cat.. it is cute i may want to buy! And also the guy who sell his old car... I also feel like want to see see look look there.. if is cheap like few hundred dollar saja..why not! i also can offer the owner my prices to buy from him too!!
At that moment I started wondering where and how are this people can find what they selling in the social network. No way you just add add add people add you or you just join the group or like the page just like that!!! 
Then I just told this Giant car park are not the only hot spot where people came here to meet up and sell/pass their things. Lambak Soon Lee there also one of the hot spot where people meet up there after working hour like 6pm too. Then how bout the Beribi Supasave, Mall etc... I'm sure that's places also got people meet up there too.

At that moment I suddenly got an idea but this people set a time and location for meet up!
What if I can create a event and gather all the people who selling their items in the FB/IG in one day or half day to allow the other visitors to know their product?? And this is only do at a car park by using your car!
Yes it just like a Xpo at ICC or Bridex but this is more cheap cheap cheaper that their booth doing there!! We all know not all the people can afford that $800.00 per booth just to sell a little things right! but still some people like us small kaki one a.k.a Extra Small Medium Enterprise we also want to join this too.
So I thinking why not I do a Car Booth Sale. You have things to sell in FB/IG or used items can come here just pay a little amount like $15.00-$30.00 park your car there and open your bonnet sell you stuff. At the same time the seller also can show their website/FB/IG to the visitors so hang on the car booth there! Make a QR code for the seller so customer can scan that and like their FB page... So when next time want to place their order also easy!! Then after that they can meet up some where and  do the delivery!

Then I went to talk to a event company he also think this is an good idea of what I have... Create a platform to the everyone can meet up, social and selling stuff just need to pay a small amount money!!
We plan to do this event soon maybe someday in May!! The event name we also ready for that is call "PESTA BONET" and also create a Facebook page for it already Click LIKE and join please! Now just need to apply some thing like the approval, location etc...
If you want to taking part of this event please join up!!
mmmm.... I thinking maybe I can use my #project1983 the green HulkJaro to put all my babies toys inside there and sale too!!! So see you soon.....

A Great Deal from CONCEPTS COMPUTER and Microsoft !

No IT work-environment is complete without Microsoft Office softwares, which is why Concepts Computer, one of the largest and oldest IT retailer in Brunei Darussalam will be having a Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 promotion, where every purchase of the Microsoft Home and Student 2013, customers are entitled to a free Sensonic P10 10,000mAH power-bank.

With the release of the Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013, Microsoft reveals a new Office suite which enables users to better personalize their work-environment, creates greater means of sharing and helps to make simple ideas into impressive projects through core Microsoft softwares like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft OneNote.

Users are able to create Microsoft accounts using their Microsoft email accounts and sign in into their Microsoft Office softwares, this helps simplify work-flow from one machine to another machine either at home, school or work. It's as simple as signing in to your account and picking up your work right where you left off. The Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 also saves your data and work to the cloud by utilizing Microsoft OneDrive so your notes, photos, and files are always accessible.

Working together is easier with Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013, all collaborative work are available Online and Offline. Microsoft OneNote enables easy brainstorming of projects and the easy sharing of notes and all Microsoft Office 2013 softwares will also have faster and simpler sharing options, too, just click on File, then click Share. It's as simple as that.

Getting started on projects will be easier with the polished and expert tools provided on all Microsoft Office 2013 softwares. Work the way you want by capturing your ideas by using the mouse, keyboard or touchscreen; then get access to different media by simply dragging your music, videos and notes into your documents and align them expertly with ease. Note that templates from Word, Excel and PowerPoint will be available to use.

Vincent Pao, General Manager at Concepts Computer, said, “Concepts Computer will always be committed to providing new, exciting and proven solutions at an affordable price-point, that is why we are working together with Microsoft and it's local distributor right now. And by also offering great value for money, through the free gift in the form of the Sensonic power-bank, the IT consumers of Brunei Darussalam will always come out on top.”

Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive of Concepts Computer added, ”The Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 will be available from Concepts Computer at $168 and will come free with a Sensonic P10 10,000mAH power-bank worth $68, this comes to a $68 positive gain for customers, and that's the type of value Concepts Computer are trying to provide to consumers.” Zul added,”The Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 and Sensonic P10 power-bank promotion will run until the 30th of April 2014, or while stock lasts.”

Please visit your nearest Concepts Computer showroom or call 2233551/2233552 for more information.