Welcome Home #Hulkjero

People say: Slowly take time cook the food and it will taste good which is just like the BBQ fast and big fire always cannot beat the slow red heat to gill!
My #Hulkjero finally come out from the workshop and now back to home! For the past few months I'm sure many of you have follow my #Project1983 from a rusty, fated color, holes here and there to become like today you won't believe this is a first model of Mitsubishi Pajero has already 30 years old and look like new now! 
My friends asked my how much I had spent to restore it, For me Money is not the Issue! What I want is the quality of the workmanship!! 
My #Hulkjero use 7 layers of Paint and 6 layers Lacquer to complete the job!! That's is why I really happy and satisfied.
But #Project1983 has not ended here.... it still have more to do. There is some more things to fix and add on. Like today I bring his to fix the aircon, change rims and tyre! 
About the interior of coz have to do also, Engine also have to do some thing coz I found there is a little oil leak from the Power Steering, Break also not so good, Engine Gasket have to change, Suspension need to upgrade so and so and so!!! Now also can drive but not that soik lah.. So next time you see this #Hulkjero on the road you know inside has a Wild Animal driving it...heheheheh!!

I really love the Paint Job done by my old friend!! If you look closer the color actually will change under the sun!! At some angle it look like lime green, metallic green and also dark green!!
Before and After!!!

Bring to my friend's shop to fix the aircon!! No aircon I cannot tahan oh... feels like driving inside a Sauna room oh Don't Play Play!

After fixing the AC then went to put up the new shoes!!

Welcome home again #Hulkjero !!!!

Beachathon 2014

Another Year.... Another Beachathon!!!
This is the 3rd Year of Beach Bunch's Beachathon and also in conjunction with the Earth Day. Every year the Beachathon flag off at the Meragang Beach so this year also the same thing we start at 7:45am and end at 9:30am.
Our Beachathon is not like others Marathon run far far and thousand of people participate!
We only do the lesiure walk on the right side of the Meragang Beach. Just to enjoy the beach and show they participate of Beautiful of our beach there and also the Ugly part which is nearly 2KM long of rubbish lying on the beach having sunbathing everyday! Is Beachathon is more like a education trip to show and tell out next generation how important to keep out beaches clean!
Today we have 128 participants came to joined us... Not only just walk walk saja, we also have a winner she won a Alcatel Glorxy X smartphone on getting the weight nearly right on our 'Guess the weight' contest!!

Thanks for coming and make Beachathon happening again once more!
When I look back the pass Beachathon I realize in this 3 years I wearing the same paint for this event!! hehehe

I pengsan... Who can do CPR for me!!!

Is Selfie Time using Monopod!!!

Behind the scenes of my Selfie!!! hahahah

Ok this is the real one!!!! No use Umbrella...

Hehehe... Is she hugging her invisible friend ka???

Gals.. you won't lost in the jungle here.. Just follow the Sun!!!

There you go.... we have reach to the river mouth here! 

Do you see school of fish there?

This is a selfie under the hot sun look... hahahaha

Dayang Nur Arinah she won a Alcatel Glorxy X!!

EPL Master 2014 Social Media Partners Signing Ceremony

Yes!!! EPL Master is coming to town and I also one of the official social media partner!!!
There are other 3 social media in town also taking part which is the Ranoadidas, SocialDeal and the BruneiFM.
So for the EPL kaki you want to have the latest info or update you have to follow us close close.. mana tau there has some good lobang.. free ticket, prize, the player arrived, makan at which restuarant hehehe  I can update you all little bit hehehe!!
So follow my IG and FB page oh coz both is the faster channel one.. 

New Facelift Nissan Elgrand And Almera

Hey Bruthres!!! Check it out the New Facelift of Nissan Elgrand and Nissan Almera at the Boustead Sdn Bhd showroom! Now it has the new showcase not like last time just line up saja!!!
I really like the Elgrand how it display the car there! Look like those ancient Rome style there look very elegant!!! 
I just thinking of if I buy this car can I have the contractor number coz I also want to make one of this in my garage lah!! Wahaha at that time guaranty all my neighbor kepo-kepo come my house see my car tu!!

McDonald's Birthday Party Package

As a parents celebrate their children's birthday also one of the sakit kepala thing!!! If you haven't got children you don't know how it feel one! Especially when your children told you - Papa Papa my birthday I want to invite ALLLLLL my friends to come!!!! Hahah that moment is like another wallet disaster!! 
So normally I celebrate my children's birthday outside not at home! Coz at home you have to cook, then have to clean up after the party, some more the guest have to look for your house, cari parking... wah many things to do lah!!!
 If you having the same problem like I do as above now no more sakit kepala sudah lah... Every thing pass it to McDonald's let them help you to do everything! Today they have release their new Birthday Party Package!! You want celebrate at their outlet or come to your house also can!! Even you want them go to your kids kindergarten there to celebrate also can no problem lah! 
It just need a minimum food purchase B$250.00 above you are using the Big Mcd Room to do the party in there! 
If school one need to have food order B$120.00 above
I like the school package... $120.00 plus 30 party pack($4.00 each)  $120.00 all together only $240.00!
Mmmm I think I can do that for my daughter birthday at her school lagi bette!!! 

Party Pack and the Happy Meal! 

 This is the Big McD Room! 

STEELSERIES Available Now At Concepts Computer!

 With the proliferation of Info-Technology and ICT in general, personal computers in the form of desktops or laptops are now a major part of daily life in a modern society. This also means that personal computers are also now becoming a part of our leisure or spare time, and this leads to computer gaming being one of the few emerging IT market in Brunei Darussalam.

And Concepts Computer is entering the Gaming sector with the help of SteelSeries and their wide range of gaming products. SteelSeries is a global brand and gaming industry leader that focuses on high-performance gaming gear that provides superior quality and a competitive edge to the most demanding and professional gamers in the industry, and Concepts Computer will work hand-in-hand with SteelSeries to bring the same level of quality and competitive edge to the local gaming scene in Brunei Darussalam.

 In their pursuit of gaming perfection, SteelSeries has launched an iconic series of gaming peripherals, the SteelSeries Frost Blue and Heat Orange limited edition gaming gears, in the form of gaming mouse, gaming headset and gaming mousepad. These limited edition gaming gears will sport exciting colour combinations, Blue (Frost) and Orange (Heat), to denote that these peripherals are limited edition and optimized for gaming. The SteelSeries Frost Blue and Heat Orange limited edition gaming gears will comprise of the SteelSeries Sensei RAW gaming mouse, the SteelSeries Siberia v2 gaming headset, and the SteelSeries QCK gaming mousepad. Each of these individual parts will help to create a perfect combination of high performance and superior gaming experience.

The SteelSeries Sensei RAW mouse will be able to provide performance as high as 5,670 counts per inch in terms of scalable pointer speed, and fine-tuning on-the-fly of the speed will be easy as toggling high or low. The addition of PTFE materials will provide smooth glides for fast pace gaming and the double-braided cords will ensure a reliable connection all the time. The SteelSeries Siberia v2 gaming headset will deliver superior sound while utilizing a comfortable over-the-head suspension design. The limited edition SteelSeries Siberia v2 gaming headsets will also utilize super-bright LED to differentiate it's unique design from other competitors. The third part of the limited edition set is a SteelSeries QCK gaming mousepad, it will have the signature colours of the Frost and Heat series plus it will also have the simple, slim functionality of SteelSeries QCK gaming mousepads.

 Vincent Pao, General Manager of Concepts Computer said, ”Our partnership with SteelSeries is the next step in Concepts Computer's diversification and expansion into different sectors of the Bruneian IT market.” He continued, ”We believe for Gamers, 'Winning is Everything', and that is what we're trying to deliver with SteelSeries gaming peripherals.”

Zul Abdul Rahman, Marketing Executive of Concepts Computer said, ”We're not only showcasing the next generation in gaming but we will also provide a 'Live Gaming Experience' by letting our customers have a chance in using these high-end products in our showroom.” He continued, ”And with SteelSeries, we will combine high performance, reliability and affordability into one sleek package.”

For more information and to experience the SteelSeries and Concepts Computer “Live Gaming Experience”, please visit your nearest Concepts Computer showroom or call 2233551/2233552.

Beachathon Preparation

Yes... this few day I really busy!!! Go here Rush there.. sampai I don't even have extra time to do my blog!!
This sunday is my another Beach Bunch project.. the Beachathon!! This year is the 3rd year already and I gonna have a lot of thing to prepare it!! Camp, Toilet, Banner, Prize, Send letter etc... this is enough to make me dizzy! Thanks to the other team member to help me out too if not I also don't know how to make it right! 
So here is another preparation... we went to the beach and checking the trail and collect some rubbish for the game car "Guess The Weight" see who can get the closer answer then will win a awesome prize!!! which is an Smart Phone! 
I hope is gonna be a nice good day.. no rain no big sun lah!!! So wish me luck lah everything go smooth smooth!!  

 Eh... this time the river mouth is different last year one oh!!!

 People catch fish there!

 I really like this place~ It make me feel like I'm in other country! 

If our beach can everyday clean like that awesome!! 

As usual lah.... Everytime after I go Merangang Beach I sure come Taty's Cafe eat their Lamb Burger and look my face in the paper there!! hehehe Do I look younger or older?

BMW X5 Arrived

Finally the new X5 landed to town!! How much ah??? 100+ Thousand...oh
I see already water mouth run!! The QAF there also have sell cheap cheap with used car there.. cheap until you don't believe lah!!