How To Stop Your Friends Sending You Play Pirate King?

Yes.... not only me hate that a lot of my friends also don't like it as well. Some how those game is like donkey years ago but still some of your friends sending you notification ask you to join play the game example like the Pirate King.
Cannot tahan lah that game I really don't get it what so fun to play that. I got ask to play almost everyday from people. 
Some people hate it even post in their facebook status say don't ask me to play PK but still no use lah. coz the player want to get more free spin so their send that to their friend in order to get free spin.

Talk no use one lah... no matter how many time you hate or say in your fb still receive one unless all your friends no one playing that game anymore lah.
But no worries.... there is a way you can do it to stop received that notification at you phone!
All you need to do is do some setting in your account!! Is very simple and you take less than a minute to do! In you facebook(phone apps) go to Account Setting~ Apps~Platform On~Off~Turn Off Platform~Platform Off. 
Simple as ABC.... but if you same like me post photo in the IG and linked to FB this may no more activate but no worries... just follow the setting appear in your IG and do the setting everything will be fine and no more received your friends ask you to join play games!!

Kolomee Special (Versus Edition)

I actually want to do this post long time ago, If last time me already one day can eat all the 4 kolomee here I want to introduce but now got a bit age cannot eat as last time anymore. The health need to take care cannot eat like no tomorrow business anymore.

Today here I got 4 different restaurant kolomee which is from the Danes(batu bersurat) Tasty(gadong) Thien Thien(gadong and the newly open The Mighty Cool Chefs ( old Lamen restuarant)
So far this is the 4 restaurant I found that they have their Kolomee with Special that's why is call Kolomee Special.
Here got 2 is Halal 2 are not. Thien Thien and The Mighty Cool Chefs (halal), Tasty and Danes (not halal)
FYI.... today this post is not judge who good who bad lah hehehe.... Is just tell you what they have and what's the prices. For me all also nice and yummy but of coz there is one I love it more and feel worth it. The prices from $4.50 up to $7.00
First of all.. lets talk about the Danes Cafe Special kolomee at the Batu Bersurat one...

This is the Danes special $7.00 kolomee... What so special??
Eh inside got 1 pieces Bacon, Minced pork, 3 Meat Balls(pork) Noodle, 1 Fried Egg and the Crispy pork fats.
I have no doubt it's nice... The fried egg taste like me at home cook using butter not using normal cooking oil. I can see their bacon also cook in the right way ( click HERE see the right way cook bacon) 

This is the another Kolomee Special from Tasty Restaurant. Eh.... Almost similar same like the Danes one.. but the portion is much bigger and more than that!
1 fried egg, 5 meat ball, 1 bacon, more minced pork and more noodle... eh is cheaper only $4.50 and also is the cheapest Kolomee Special among all here. One thing is the bacon and egg not cooked as nice looking as Danes. 

Next is this.... is a newly open restaurant same block at the Gadong Excapade there.. previously is the Lamee restuarant. $5.00 inside got 2 big bakso(meat ball),1 fried Tofu, 1 piece fried wanton skin, noodle and steam chicken. Can give a try lah not bad also but if the bakso cook in other way I think will be much better than just use boil it. (halal)

Last is this from Thien Thien chicken rice one. In fact they are the oldest Kolomee special in town lah.
FYI their kolimee special actually just have few prawn, few fish cake, few chicken slice but today I additional add on their famous steam chicken... you see the picture like that only cost $4.70 
worth it right!!! (halal)

Honestly for me four of them their Kolomee Special also nice but it just that the prices 2 may cheaper and more portion. Although the other 2 are more $$$ but I still think can eat.

I Strike Jackpot!!!

For some people they may think they got cheated, me at first also think at the same way and I want to bring back to the supermarket for ask my money back. But think about it in the happy way I'm kinda strike jackpot here. Is really rare got see stuff happen like this. Aiya.. never mind lah how do I know my good luck is coming soon one day right!!

I went to a supermarket bought some stuff and at the counter I took a bottle of gum. I just took one and pay together with other item. After I go back in my car and want to open the gum I realize the bottle is kinda super light weight and the sound doesn't sound right. I feel like inside there are some gums missing but the bottle is new and sealed never been open. I used my phone and video recored the whole footage.. Yup as I predicted inside the gums a missing only have 6 pieces.
Hehehe now how??? complain also no use... if me at USA maybe still got chance to get refund by the factory lah hahahaha!

When The Day Our Rice Is No More Is A Rice.....