The New 2015 Nissan Navara

Come come come.... I show you the New Nissan Navara!! This is the 2015 Navara which soon coming to town! Beautiful aerodynamic look now not more square square, when I arrived at the Bangkok Motor show saw her at the Nissan booth far far already can see her sharp and bright color shining at the stage! Before I don't like the double cap truck the reason is because the back sit is really uncomfortable one... Sit 90' degree and bouncing very jialat one if long distance. But now the new Nissan Navara don't have this problem anymore! The back seat now are like normal saloon car bigger space and more comfy no more 90' degree all the way to KK also no problem sit at the back coz the suspension also no more like before give you a better ride. 

The new Navara now also better ground clearance. An improvement of +15mm compare to current Navara it improved approach angle and departure angle. Not just that... it has the new Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) & Transmission, VDC- System automatically brakes to inner or outer side wheels to minimize the under or over steering at on & off road condition.
Active Brake Limited Slip (ABLS) – Brake is applied to the spinning wheels and drive force is delivered to all wheels. o Hill-Start Assist (HSA) – The system prevents the car from rolling away when trying to pull away on an up or down gradient, stimulating a “handbrake hill start” manual drivers will be familiar with. The system engages automatically when a gradient of 3% or more is detected; it then acts to hold the car stationery for two seconds after the brake is released giving the driver time to apply the throttle. This features is equipped not only for our automatic transmission but also for the manual transmission. 
Hill Descent Control (HDC) – HDC is a speed control (in low speed range) that keeps the vehicle velocity during steep downhill driving. 
Available in 7-speed Automatic Transmission and 6-speed Manual transmission. 

Look at the interior with the new design it look like a SUV style... Smart and sporty look!!
And the leather seat confirm comfy when you sit it long drive coz the seat design with Zero-gravity spinal support seat for better spinal support and reduce fatigue during long distance driving.
it have 4 cup holders for the front seat, 2 for the rear seat and a bottle holder on each of its 4 doors. 
3 built-in 12V power outlet for its user to fully utilize this for phone charging, GPS devices etc. 
Wide door opening for its user and passenger easy ingress and egress especially for big size individual as well as easy loading and unloading of things in the rear seat. E.g. Child seat. 

Nice or not the interior?

My size sit at the back still have space for my leg and also my big tummy no more suffering can sit like a Boss already!!

Do you notice some thing here??? Have you ever see double cap comes with rear spoiler??
That one is not a spoiler lah... Nissan notice people always close the trunk door it a bit hard to pull up. So with this design we can close it more easily with that angle and more grip!!! Some more it look better with the back!!! Nice right...