#Tikam Is Back

This is my best day before the end of 2014. I been looking for this game many many years already and finally today I got it. This is a game we use to play at outside the school a tukshop or a car one uncle selling koropok and drink and this Tikam is waiting for us to play. It has so much fun to play all this thing during that time... pay 10 cents to get a ticket then open and see do we have the same number on the top and win the price or not. 
If one of the kid start playing that you'll see his friends stay next to him and told him here here take here sure strike the number one!! hahahah of coz this is lost more than win lah but we just like to enjoy the feeling of victory. Me always buy the drink inside a plastic bag for 30 cents then I pay 50 cent take the 20 cents to play the Tikam! All the kids wish to win the grand price which is the $1.00 lah
So that is one of out childhood games back in the 70's and 80's lah. If I'm not wrong all this Tikam start disappear during late 80's at 1988 already don't see this Tikam anymore.

I been searching this Tikam for many years already. went to Miri, KL and Singapore also don't see their shadow. I ever ask one very old shop at Sarawak do there have this Tikam and the young man reply what is Tikam??? At that moment I know not much people know what is Tikam anymore especially who are born at late 80's 
So I try my best looking around where can I buy this Tikam and I found that at West Malaysia Kota Bharu a wholesale center got selling all this Tikam and variety macam-macam ada!!! Watch the Video HERE below 

So I try to contact the person who post this video but unfortunately the guy no reply my message...
I started to hopeless, no matter how or where I search still cannot find a sign where have.
Then one day I post the tikam photo in my IG and FB finally someone told me where got sell this Tikam. At first I tot is just a joke try to fool around me but then one one old friend told me that the same place also have selling it... and it was in Brunei!!
Then today I went to place which they mention it really have... wow I feel like hitting a jackpot!!!
Suddenly all my childhood memories like a lightning strike on my head it all come back!!!
I feel like I'm a 8 years old boy walking in the store looking at all the Tikam there!!!
Now have more choice and price to win. It got games, Sticker, toys and many many more for you to choice. Me I still like the classic one which is the number you can win coins!
The shop not just only have tikam there but also have some other old skool stuff we use to play during out childhood. I bought some tikam back home and play with my kids then my wife bought the Paper Dolls for them.
Paper Doll is a doll printed at the cardboard paper that you can tear it off and let the doll wear the cloth, bag, hat and pants! Back in our time if I'm not wrong is selling 50 cents. Girls always play that in the class... hehehe if I boring I sometime also join them too!!!
I really really thanks to the people who told me where are this stuff selling... really appreciated. It help a lot to bring back my childhood memories!
Now I can give it and pass it down for my 2 little girls at home! I know many of you are also looking for this where got sell. Is easy to find one.. a wholesale shop behind the QAF at Telanai there!
Ok now I have to back to the game with my 2 little princess.

This one is for girls... 

Another or girls!!!

I love this... this is what I looking for!!!

This one is more expensive... you can win different type of toys!! Awesome!

After playing this Tikam with my 2 kids I realize it is a very good game for kids to let them think and learn the numbers!! My I surpassingly to see my daughter she slowly remember what number that can strike and what dinosaur win what points!!
If you think this is gambling sorry I have nothing to say... me enjoy playing and having fun with them!!

She so happy and win this..... jumping and yelling!!!

After we playing the Tikam my wife play the Paperdoll with them!!

The Paperdoll now is more like the Japan Anime not like last time our one is Orang Putih girl!!

Quality are must more better than last time one!!

I see... is made in Thailand!!!