My Childhood Favorite Dishes!!!

We used to have a lot of good food here in Brunei during the 80's so if you want to hunt back the taste now is not that easy. FYI back in the old day we have a lot of nice restaurant the chef cook very nice food but now is hard to find them back. The chef last time mostly they car from Hong Kong or West Malaysia but now no more. 
I don't know you all still remember this restaurant or not they do have nice food during that time like Rasa Sayang, Yi Yu, 7Up, Lion, Lai Xiang Luo, Princess Inn, Sian Er(swan restaurant) Prawn House and many many more..... those are the place last time have very good dimsum and I remember at night finish tuition like to go gadong there eat supper!!! Even at the Brunei Hotel there their restaurant last time the fried Kuey Teow wet seafood is the best in town!!!
Indeed.... now what to look back the old taste is not easy anymore....
When I was still primary school my mom always bring us to Batu Satu the 7Up there eat lunch. I remember I used to like their one special dishes is call Sweet Corn Prawn rice!!!
Basically is like a sweet corn soup with a deep fried prawn with rice. I got almost 25 years didn't eat this already at until now I have see this in any restaurant's menu. This is one of the Hong Kong's dishes after those Hong Kong's chef balik Kampong already hardly see this anymore. The Original they are using grouper call sweet corn grouper rice (粟米斑腩飯) . I really miss it that day so I went to one of my friend's restaurant at Gadong Foo Kim Seng (next to Bobby Electric) there and I told the boss can he cook this for me and he say Easy Job lah..
After the food display in from of my and I had my first bite I feel like sit on a time machine back into 80's!!! Wow... really don't have this taste in my mouth liao feel really awesome lah!!
I want to teach my daughter to love this dishes too... is a very nice dishes for kids and for sure they like it too!!  Thanks for the Foo Kim Seng boss he let me have this once again!!