Mayday Monday!!!

Mayday... Mayday..... is Monday why so many happen in one day!!
First is suddenly see the bee under my friends shop roof... then is heavy rain.. then road flooded (lucky no serious) then the next thing is the AK278 slide out from runway...  wow lucky all the passenger safe no hurt! 
About the Bees as it they know something gonna happen in that day. My friend told me at the morning suddenly the bomba came to behind his workshop then he baru know that the next block shop people call the bomba people to come! but just see see look look only cannot do anything, it say that the bees is just temporally fly over here and rest not nesting!! This bees macam very cleaver oh.. they know the storm is coming soon. After I leave the place just 10 minutes only the sky started raining like waterfall.... sampai on my way back home passing Istana road there the road also like become river! lucky I use my Hulkjero and the flood no so bad I safely reach home..
Just reach home not so long haven't sit down warm the sofa at I start received the AK278 photos!!!
Then everyone in IG and FB sharing the photo!! Lucky all the passengers everyone safe if the plane crash that one really jialat lo... I don't know we can handle this situation or not!! 
Then in the social network some people started to put their comment not need go through water filter one blame this blame that... all their AK47 and M16 shooting AirAsia. 
They don't concern about the passengers are they safe or not. What it the reason it slip? 
For me... I only think that the Pilot he steady!! He saved all the people life in the plane!!
Hey Pilot AK278 you are the man! I give to a "LIKE" here

Eh... talk about this plane crash right... I really really wondering can we handle it? Do we have enough pro people to do it ka? The rescue team... Bomba... Ambulance.. Doctors and nurse at hospital, Bed and room for the patients, Press conference for all the media, contact the passenger family... wa wa wa so many things have to do and all is in suddenly without warning one!!
I think we should take this as a lesson and learn how to handle it lo. 
I believe that we living here are blessed one... SARS, Birflu, N1H1, Earthquake, Tsunami. Typhoon macam-macam all this we didn't kana one!! So safe to living here that's why I really proud I'm born here.    

When my friend show me his shop back door and told me to look up... I wonder why there has a Mud on top over there. Then I look carefully the mud it move baru I realize is Bee... hehehe

Is really rare to see bee like that!!! If it show four number I sure rush to limbang now! lol

On my way back home....

Watching the New At 10!!