Ford EcoSport Coming To Town

Please welcome the Ford 2nd generation EcoSport still fresh and hot baru touch down... me so lucky have a chance to invite test drive the car!  The new EcoSport comes with 2 spec... High spec and Low spec both engine are same 1.5cc 112ps(82kW)@6300 rpm both also got 7 airbags. Of coz the high spec has a lot of othes things that low spec don't have lah! The high spec front grill. rims are different and look nicer. got leather seat, sunroof. reverse parking sensor and back passengers both side have their own 12v charger. I really like that the idea Ford put 2 12v power point at the back of both back passengers.. siok eh if my car can have that now I not need headache my daughters always want to use my front power point for her ipad while having a long trip!
Not just that.... I do impress with the SYNC which is powered by Microsoft give you all the time your both hand on the steering wheel while driving.. not need so busy got take you phone, answer the call, read message or play your favorite music!! You talk, SYNC listen!! There a voice control so you can make and recieve call, play you song and even your text message can read out to you, just say the words and SYNC do the rest!
The prices not confirm yet... you wait the launching then I post it one more time let you know!

Smart oh the head!!! Like those luxury SUV look!!!