#VisitPerth2014 Day 9

Day 9.... Yea finally is my time I can go see things I want to see!!! Today I went to ARB shop this place is a heaven for a 4x4 kaki!! Even you not buying anything you come here see see look look also siok!! I'm new to the 4x4 so now is still a newbie with offroad stuff lah. Althouht I still have a lot of stuff I don't understand about the 4x4 but I don't find so hard to understand the stuff and modification here coz the staffs here are really helpful and let understand more about my car #Hulkjero what are the things I need to get better performance!! I glad to get some freebie from the shop... and just bought some staff as a gift for my friend lah!! 

After the ARB shop we went to IKEA. IKEA also is one of our favorite places to go! Of coz I'm not going to buy the furniture here lah... So big how to bring back home oh. Unless I use container to send back lah!! Everytime we came here is just so buy some small small stuff saja lah. I bough some led lights and rack's kaki!! So cheap the rack's kaki only $1.00 each!! Even you don't buy things here but come here and take a look how they deco the room also not bad! I took a lot of pictures and get some little idea for future if I want to overhauling my room!! 
One thing you come here a food you must try... Hehehe come to food I'm sure every wake up and wanted to know what!! IKEA has something you must try which is their Swiss Meat Ball... The meat ball comes with chips and Jams!! Yes is jams... Try it I'm sure you gonna love it too

Yea... This is a place I want to come since from day 1 me here!

Me actually want to get one of this back home... But when I counted if bring this back the extra weight charge and tax later... Mmm better buy at KK or Ironman one!! 

I like the red led lights!! But too bad not matching my Hulkjero.. If green I sure tapao 2 set home!!

Ah... This one green bumper lookin good but not for my car!! Even have also no use too big to tapao home!! I think ARB they should open one at my kampong sure many supporter one!  Heheheh eat full full got nothing to do go there lepak also not bad!! 

Ok... I got what I want sudah.. Now let's go to IKEA!!

If you come to Perth must come here too!! IKEA very big and huge!! Spend a 2-3 hours walk walk... Sure you buy some thing go home!!

The food court always full house one everytime I come here!! 

This is my favorite food in IKEA!! Swiss Meat Ball... Oh yummy yummy!!

My daughter want me to buy and make her room same like this!! Jialat how to lie her now and make her forget about this place!! 

And she also want me to buy this mini kitchen for her too!! Eh now think back and look at the price $139.00 and is very good quality... If buy the plastic type Kicthen toys at Toys R Us also almost the same prices!!! 

This place on top is the show room then bottom is where you get the items in box!! 

Is like walking in a maze!!! If you not good  at sense of direction sure you'll lost in here! But not worries lah... Just follow the arrow on the floor and you'll find the exit!