Nissan Navara An Oasis Adventure Flag Off

That's right!!! Big Boy Toys must go wet and sweat baru ngam. If is sit in the room one that is call baby toys lah this baru lah Man's stuff bro! Nissan Boustead Sdn Bhd had just organize a off road trip for the Nissan Navara and Petrol owner to experience the off road trip from Brunei to Lawas. In the trip they visit the Hot Sping, Long Lidong and check out a site where a British's helicopter crash during WWII. 
During the 3 days 2 nights trip the team have learn how to handle their 4x4 like down hill, 4H and 4L and the judgment of the road! 
The trip although is not long but I heard the took 6 hours to travel the distance like from Bandar to Lumut! Wow that's really sound like a tough road they have... No wonder they car must all have MT tire lah! They have clocked about 300km during the trip. Good to hear that everyone was enjoy and no one hurt or accident. hehehe but my friend's car tyre pomchi lah!! No worries coz Boustead got a special team to fix all kind of technical or mechanic problem follow the trip!

A group photo first at Lawas Emigration check point!

After here no more asphalt road! So have to reduce the tyre air pressure before hitting to the rocky, sandy and muddy road!

What a nice beautiful view from here see they all coming!!

This place has no more public toilet one oh... If want to go peepee then go choose your favorite tree there! 

Tyre Pomchi??? No worries... we got AhLong right!!!

Group Photo first bruthers before to Check in!!!

For all the tired long drive this is all worth lah!!

Look like a the Iban's Long House here!!

Next day go swimming with the Semah Fish!!

You can only swim and touch with the Semah fish here... cannot catch one oh coz is protected one!
Some how semah fish is very expensive one... some up to RM100.00 per KG!!

Then next is go see the British's Helicopter that crash during WW2.

This is the top part motor where the helicopter propeller!!

Last stop at the Southern Comfort!

This the lobby where you can sleep here at night if you want too! Of coz visit just rest rest saja lah.

Very unique this place!!!

Alright guys..... Dinner are ready to serve!

Everyone must be very hungry now!!

See you all again!!!!

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