Teazone Corner Chicken Rice Yummy!!

If this few day you don't know thinking where to eat or already boring with your regular lunch then I recommended you come here and try their chicken rice here! I vote this Teazone as my best chicken rice year 2013!! I try their CR twice last month already but why today I baru introduce to you all here is because I want to see is the taste same as the first time I try!!! The answer is YES! still the same yummy! Today I call up my friend and introduce them eat... he also a food lover, No good he don't introduce to his friend one.. I'm so glad that he also like the CR here.
This teazone now are run by new owner and now are very famous with their Chicken Rice! Why so famous here, first of all the rice... one biji one biji no stick together one and it smell good too! The chicken got 2 type lah... White and Goreng!! For me both also nice but of coz first try mudt makan the white one lah! Then the chili also different than other... is using Lime not vinegar so is like KL style one but not too hot and spicy!! If you want some additional like vege then you should try their fried bean sprouts with salted fish!!! I like it... yummy!!
If you go try and say no good and there is another place better than them please let me know I want to try it also!!! ok???  thank you!
Talking also much already still haven't tell you where is this place right.... heheh is very easy to find one, It just behind the Maju Motor a.k.a VW there!!! FYI their chicken rice price is 30 to 50 cents higher than others lah but still worth it!

 Do you think we can finish it???

 Look look look..  the chicken skin is yellow one oh!!! This are the best type if chicken for Hainan Chicken Rice

 Roasted Chicken Rice also nice too!!!

 It look simple but really nice yo!!!

 You seldom see people selling CR got serve you this!!!

 I like to mix with their chili....

 This is their bean sprouts with salted fish, the salted fish cut very thin and deep fried it that's why is crispy and yummy!

Less than 15 minutes all gone!!!

Call the number and ask see still got chicken or not before you go makan!!!

One thing bad here is hard to find car park!!!