Why Is Call Tea 'O'

Have you ever think of why Teh 'O' is call Teh 'O' ka???
Yesterday I go here go there meeting together with my my friend and when have tea o  at the meeting the time suddenly we have this tropic so I told them why...
Very simple one... because tea in Chinese Hockian is can Teh, But here singapore and Malaysia we call Teh is come with milk so if you just want tea a.k.a black tea you have to call Teh O... coz O in chinese hockian is Black. So O.. O... O.. is black black black, Black tea black tea.. Is Teh O Teh O  lah!!
 So you know what is Teh O now? 
and now you want to know why Teh C is can Teh C right?? What is C mean for??

To Be Continue...............