Out To Nature - Bukit Batu Bujang Pahang

Yesterday I joined the KPA Brunei to Kampong Menunggol climbing the Bukit Batu Bujang Pahang. I was a really awesome trip I had met some new friends and exploring our Beautiful Brunei. I really surprise that we have such a nice place with historical story behind places   here and it just not far away from the Bandar Seri Begawan. 
7am we 25 people meet up at the Yayasan jetty there and take a water taxi to Pulau Berambang. Just 10 minutes saje and we reach there and a bus is waiting for us.
In Pulas Berambang I saw something really surprisingly which is the people there they are using motorbike with no helmet, car with no number plate, road tax and kids can use motorbike!!! Awesome lah... I feel like I going to a cowboy town. It just a few kilometer away from the town and the life style totally different there! In the kampong have one convenient store, one mosque, one primary school. Population there are around 600 to 700 peoples and their are very friendly and nice people there. They don't have gas station, clinic, workshop, or barber shop etc.... all have to come out and get it town. 

In this trip we went to went to see the kampong, climb the Batu Bujang Pahang, see the Lubang Arang Batu, Batu Berpangkat Gua Kelawar Gua Batu Kapur, Telaga Puteri and go to a house have lunch with Makan Kampong Style!!
Is really siok lah.. hope one day I can go there again!!!
For more photos to see see look look of our trip you can go to KPA Brunei facebook at HERE and don't for get to click Like of their page! Leave a comment if you want to know more about the trip or how to get there!!!

Take a water taxi at Yayasan Jetty about 10 minutes saja to the Pulau Berambang

All Aboard..... all right let's go!!

Nice weather in the morning but still have a bit haze!!
Here come our bus... see see no plate one and no roadtax!!!

And the car too... kids can pakai moto too...

Give me a feeling I'm in Limbang/Kuala Lurah

This is the one and only Kedai Runcit in the village.

Here we are... The first stop!!!

This house is telling me that they don't need Aircon like we do!!! I'm sure in the night this place is cold!!

Lets warning up first before we start the hiking

It has staircase on the starting point.. this place looks like got maintain one tu!! good good 

The tour guide showing us the people here how they collect the water from the Nature!!!

Alright.... lets go and meet the Bukit Batu Bujang Pahang

We came to the first hut of the hill and take rest... then we walk down to see the Lubang Arang Batu.

This is the Lubang Arang Batu... The people here start mining before 1st world war already!!

This is the coal, my first time touching it... Back to the oldies this is call Black Gold tu...I got it for souvenir.

As you can imagine how small is it and the people that time have to work very hard to cari the Arang Batu... and is hot tu!!

Here are another spot... The Bukit Batu Bujang Pahang!!!
The story behind this Bukit Batu Bujang Pahang is not the Pahang from Malaysia lah. 

Now I'm on the top of the Bukit Batu Bujang Pahang... here I can see Limbang, to bad got haze if not we can see the new limbang airport from here!!

Bad bad bad.... stop do this ugly the nature!!!

Hey Bruther... careful!!!

I need to adjust my pant before we go another spot.... hehehe

Here we are at Gua Kelawar Gua Batu Kapur

Come come come.... group photo!!!

After the Gua Kelawar Gua Batu Kapur and here we are at the Bukit Batu Berpangkat.
Is a very unique hill with several layer of rock staking up!!

We rock at the Rock!!!

Guess how many layer of rock is there!!!

This is the Telaga Puteri. There is a story behind it... 7 puteri.... bla bla bla... mandi.... bla bla the water it ever dry out even there is months no rain...hahahah I was very tired already that time didn't hear what the tour guide said!!! hehehe

End of the Bukit Batu Bujang Pahang....Heading down to the hill... 

Everyone is hungry.... now we all heading to a house and makan "Kampong Style" lunch...

Then the bus driver bring us to here.... At first we all thought that is a joke, why we makan at Orang Kawhin??? hahahah

Hahaha.... is not a joke. Yes we makan lunch here but not orang kahwin. Is the mother in law of the Ketua Kampong their house ngam-ngam got function there too!!!

It like we saw the heaven when this coconut juice in front all of us!!! Awesome!!!!

Awesome.... got local udang Galah and Bambo Shoot... I like it!!

100% makan Kampong Style!!! The beef rendang very yummy lah...

That's the Ketua Kampong of Kampong  Menunggol, Awang Yusup Bin Mohammad next is our tour guide!!

They residents still use a very traditional way by using this bubu to catch Udnag Galah

A old man told us that is a Crocodile and I don't believing that. It was very far and almost like a drift wood there until I use my camera and zoom it and enlarge it then I surprise to see what I snap...    

Yes... is a crocodile... I think got 15 feet long Bruthers!!!