#TigerLimGoUSA Day 7

Oh... kinda sad I have to say good-bye to Washington D.C but happy things is I say hallo to Jacksonville, Florida!!!
Today nothing much happen, no meeting, no visiting. From the morning we all have to check out the hotel early and catch the flight at the Dulles Airport and take another connect flight in Atlanta, Georgia then arrive at Jacksonville, Florida.
All I can say is tired lah coz last night I woke up at 3am.... hehehe update my blog lah.
Omg.... I have steak that night oh..yummy!

Nice to meet you Ms. Ann Driscoll 

 Oh..... why I didn't see this earlier oh. Aiyo sayang lah it just few block away from my hotel saja!!!

 Dulles Airport.... Big lah even is just a domestic airport!!

Beautiful building structure.

 My Mama helping us to checking!!!

Oh great... the airport got provide plastic bag if you need it for put in your liquids, bottles, etc

  Every things is fast...but only security checking is slow. I thought Bangkok is serious.. here in US lagi serious!!

Check point!!!

 I think I should have my early lunch!!!

 mmmmm... yummy yummy!!

 Oh ya.. this is nice!!!

 You want??? I got buy extra oh...

Oh my god... are you kidding me!!!

Awesome.... is real!!! You can on line in the 10.000 feet high in the sky...... but....

Is not free!!!! unless you are a Blackberry user lah.

 Burma and Philippine 

 Don'y play play oh....his lawyer tu!!!

 Landed at Atlanta, Georgia

 Wow... banyak orang lah!!

 Oh lucky ngam-ngam we catch the flight 

Ready to fly... Again!!!

 Touch Down at the Jacksonville, Florida

There are Taxi and Taxi Driver... wow macam Man In Black lah!!

 The freeway... really good with riding bikes here!

 Sunshine... that's the nick name for Florida 

 That is the date I first arrived here!!!

Oh... I didn't know that Ebay also have a street name too!!! lol

I think my gang in Brunei would like to have a try with this pink bus!!!

I like their idea!!

 The hotel I stay...

 Me and the St. John River

We all here!!! Beautiful color matching ya!!

 River Runner. Behind is our hotel.
 Here I am... I'm in Jacksonville, Florida

 Jacksonville... nice place!

Looking good and taste good.. fresh fresh and hot hot some more!

 Ok let's eat now

 Everyone is hungry now coz some of them did not take lunch!!

Oh... how can I finish this ribs oh!!

My room!!!

My room's night view!