Pantai Restaurant And Zen Pavilion

Do you still remember this two logo that appear in my blog weeks ago? Wondering what is that and which when where a new thing is opening soon right!!! Yap some say is the Empire Hotel and Country Club the Pantai Restaurant is re-opening due to the renovation, Yes they are correct but only half saja!!!
There are not only refurbishment Pantai Restaurant but also launch their new Teppanyaki restaurant call Zen Pavilio so that is why you see the two logo like a flower one is blue one is red. The blue one is the Pantai Restaurant new logo and the red one is Zen Pavilion. This two place really give me a new experience feel in Empire Hotel walaupun me last time sudah working there for 5 years everything there I already see see touch touch but still this new Pantai restaurant and Zen Pavilion are totally difference lah... My comments is Awesome and two Thumbs Up!!

Last night it official launch they invite some vip, ambassador and media.... hehehe yeah me also lucky kana invited. I really impress by their new buffet line and the presentation and the big huge malay traditional "Kain Sinjang" wall and the five big hanging vase which is a air vacuum to suck out all the smoke!!!
bah bah bah... sudah lah don't waste you time here let's go I bring you to see their now restaurant how it looks like!!! 
oh ya one more thing, after you read this post and feel like want to go try out tonight.... eh..... sorry ya please try to book your table and arrange it next week coz already fully book sudah this week!!! 
For booking or reservation please call +673 241-8888 

Now here is the look from outside!!! Looks like still the same but no you wrong sudah. the roof change sudah... got fountain on the side, the tiang also change new lampong all the way to the end!!

The new Pantai Restaurant logo!! Lawa kan....

A familiar face with smile first welcome greeted by my old colleague!!!

Wow... the floor also change too... no more sea shell sudah!!!

This door really awesome lah!!! Is a door, is a wall and also is an art too!!! I wonder how much it cost for this 2 doors!!

Inside the Pantai restaurant...
 Looks like resort style but at the same time also look elegance too!

So what do you think the new design???

This is the Kain Sinjang wall I mention lah! Nice lah the idea bruthers!

We all are impressed by this counter here... Oysters, Seafood, Rids and the auto Spinning BBQ!!!
Don't know what I mean the Spinning BBQ? Go see yourself you'll know!!! 

@Marul69 and @Thanislim checking out the foods!!!

 Now you understand this is not just a vase for decoration saja right!!! 

 I see a  lot of new desserts they have now..... Great!!!

 This is beautiful!!! 

 Have enough with the inside view? Bah come let me show you the outside!!

 I must come here again and enjoy their sunset... mmmm maybe I should do the Brunei 1800 Sunset gathering here too!!!

You better watch out here don't salah-salah walk in the pool oh!!!

A another view from a gazebo.

 This place is good for enjoy the awesome sunset but if you still think hot out side here is good coz got aircon!!!

Isn't it feels like going to have a Spa massage....

This is the place you can have teppanyaki The Zen Pavilion!!!

 @Kurapak360 can I have a Roti Talor satu tapao please!!!!!