Airport P1 New Car Park

Yeah.... the P1 car park finally now open!
we now not need park our car at the one near the cargo there!
I like it... very nice oh!!! Next time if I park there my car not need to suffering rain and sun any more coz got roof already this time! And this time the new one car park also go better system then last time one not like before round round round I also don't know where is the way out and the new car park also much bigger! 
Eh... one thing I must tell you first oh. You don't think just want to go in see see look look there, Once you go in you have to take ticket and pay sudah not like last time one still can go up the Departure and come down! Make sure you go left to another side lah... if not you can't make a turn sudah coz there may people behind you and you must go forward and press for ticket and masuk! 

 Once you In... You have to In!!!

See..... where got hot anymore my car!!! Awesome....

Yo Bruthers... Please put your trolly here Ok!!!!

Just follow the road sign and you wont get lost!!!! 

This is where you pay your parking ticket... The booth look like a caravan yo don't you think so?

The Exit.... But here there is something you must know which is the machine where you insert back your ticket and allow to open the gate..... 

There is something different with other one. The lobang masuk the parking ticket is no more AUTO makan back your ticket. You just drop it back like drop your Letter in the Post Box saja then the gate will open. Don't blur blur there in and out your ticket and wait for it to makan your ticket Ok!
I also kana there just now...what is wrong with this machine and I tot this is only for Season Pass use only!!!