Ford Focus ST

If you ask me how was the car??? Very simple one word saja already can tell.... "FUN"
If you think you own is not for "Fun" then I suggest you better let other people own one of this car lah!
It has so much fun to drive it not only on the free way but also small road for kampong road bruthers! If I have one of this baby I'll sure go from Subuk to Mentiri then back from Kota Batu at every Friday noon.
Don't look down on this small monster. It has 2.0L turbocharge Ecoboost™ engine, 250 horsepower, 0-100km just need 6.5 second to touch down. So how you tell me this car is not for Fun?
Ford Focus ST.... ST stand for Sport Technologic.
It comes with the Recaro™ seat, 18 inch Y-spoke alloy sport rims but for me looks like a snow flake lah! It only have 4 different color which is Yellow, Red, Blue and Black. Me I think Blue is nice. Yellow is the signature color but I feel that is very fast outdate lah. Blue.. blue is nice! 

When I look at her face she remind me of THIS.

I love the design.... No fuel cap one. Steady oh!  

The power is in there!!! 

 Eh.... she kinda nervous!! No worries darling I teach you how to drift!!!

Mark Paren. Premier Automobiles Asst Marketing Manager show demo to us how awesome is the voice-activated SYNC™

 Everyone having fun on testing this little monster