Bangkok Trip 2013 Day1

I was a awesome trip with my 5 days 4 nights in Bangkok. Only in this is Hot lah... Everyday I walk on the Sauna street.... me sweat like just came out for shower  sampai my friend nampak also takut. Everyday bring a bottle of water with me. During the trip we only pakai taxi 3 times saja the rest is use walk and use the SkyTrain or MTR. 
The one who paling siok one is my friend Melvin lah... This is his first time visit BKK and I'm be his tour guide.  Actually we janji want to come here long time ago but due to the work and family timing we both postpone it till 7 year and finally this year we fly. I had showed him where is my favorite restaurant, the place is convenient to stay, places to shopping, place he can bring his wife and kid to play and of coz the most important one the Buddha to pray lah!
Now check it out where I eat, play, go, shop and fun!!

 On my flight from BN to BKK I have a nice lady Ms Lee sit next to me. No talking much with her but only minta pinjam pen from her saja!!!
How I know her name....? aiya saw her passport when fill the the form lah!!!

This is my meal.... We order for Low Fat Meal. If last time you order low fat meal mostly they serve you with beef steak but now I got this Chicken Breast with no
Eh... but there is one thing I kinda disappointed is the potatoes lah.. My is black and brown color but my friend's one is yellow color. I'm not sure why like that so I call the flight attendant and take a look.
Guess what??? He gave me their crew meal... which is beef and let me have my chicken also so in the flight I have  2 meal!!! Awesome kan.... but I still did not eat the brown-black potatoes.

Last last I still have Beef jua!! Thanks to the RB crew!!

Can you tell me why the potato like that? Is that over cook ka?
But never mind lah.. I got 2 set of meal. hehehe

Every time when I touch down at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport there is 2 things I must do. Buy the Dtac phone like and drink a ice cold beer!!!
Last time I buy the line is just to call or sms in bkk or balik brunei. But now their line is more better coz 299baht inside have 100baht to call credit and 7days unlimited internet.. awesome right. Of coz the speed not need to say is fast than us one lah. Even in the underground MTR I still can play FB and Instagram.

Come Thai I either choose Chang or Singha. 

I think I did mention before at my pass Bangkok trip. Now once again I give you a little tips to take taxi. Me arrived bkk airport I always go where the departure there take taxi no at the arrival there. Coz arrival there are more expensive than you take at the departure there. 

This is where I stay lah... Maxim Inn 美心酒店. It located at Sukhumvit 7/1 right under the Nana BTS station. 24 hours Subway , 7-11, Bar macam-macam ada lah. Every time we go in or out the hotel sure kana call by the ladyboy "Darling... come Massage!!!"
I'm just don't understand why the orang putih they like it!

This is our room.... The hotel is old but the room did renovation. It kinda look like boutique hotel room!
I think is kinda cheap lah only B$66.00 per night!