Rozfloraculture Greenhouse

I can't believe that I can cover by thousand Orchid flower with the a size of basketball court that big and yet is in Brunei here! I always want to take a photo like that and I did it. I went to visit a greenhouse at Kg. Manggis, this place is really awesome... I really strongly recommended you must go there and have a look even you don't buy flower. Is open for public not need special booking or pass lah!!! Just be nice and don't kacau-kacau touch-touch rosakan people's orchid lah.
fyi the greenhouse is really cold there. Outside the greenhouse is 34'c but inside only have 18'c so bring your jacket will be better lah and don't wear short pants or mini skirt. Yeah I know your room aircon also have 18'c but here is different coz got kipas to blow the wind... wah don't play play man.
The first moment when you masuk the greenhouse you may not like the smell of mold but when you see the Orchid flower you have no time to bother the smell sudah coz the Orchid flower really make you don't feel like you're in Brunei! You can't believe that we have such an awesome places in town here is behind doing this! 
I was a young boy at that moment.... walking here and there, taking pictures, looking up and down macam orang sakai!!! I really wonder how do they do it... the Orchid flower is about the size of my iPhone 5 that big.
I asked what is the price for the flower, they told me the price start from B$24.00 and you can also ask them to do special design or for chinese new year deco and they have many choice for you to choose under B$100.00 too.
I want to come back here again one day with my family. Coz I'm sure my mom she want to get some of this for Chinese New Year's deco the living room.
Rozfloraculture Greenhouse Lot 17440, Simpang 189-41-30, Kg Manggis, Jln Madang BC3715, Brunei Darussalam. Tel:+673 8711998 Fax:+673 2340488 Email:

Click image to view larger panorama of the greenhouse.

Each flower is a size same of a iPhone 5 length. Big lah bruthers!!!

 I have no idea why all this are called "Borneo Orchid" 

 This is nice... a little pink pink in the of the flower! 

Wow... such a big place the room temperature have to under 20'c as you can imagine how powerful is their aircon there! 

This are the babies.... 3 more months of TLC it will buka flower and ready for sell. 

Here are their address, contact number and location. Is not that hard to find actually but you just have to drive slow to look for the place lah. If you don't have confident just whatsapp their mobile and they share you their location. Click it and you iPhone Map or Google Maps will show you the route.

The map of their location from my iPhone. 

Just you let you have a little image how it looks like of the simpang 189-41-30. 

 You have reached to the destination 

If you want like this also can... they also provide different designs

 For weeding decoration also have!!! 

This is good to give as a gift... tahan lama lagi!!!

And now Chinese New Year is coming and they are ready for you order now!