Entering History

When is the last day for them to run the business here.. no body knows. The only thing they can do is Wait.... and Wait... and wait. Wait until the day they receive the letter and tell them to move.
Their neighbor already received the letter to move and the land is not going to sambong. By next of the next month have to move out liao. So this famous fried kuey teow at Sungai Liang sooner or later also have to move... 
I asked the owner what is their next plan, Are they going to open at another place..At the moment they still planing and looking for places too. I hope they can open a branch at bandar here so me if want to eat not need to go that far anymore.....
So Bruther if you pass by here don't forget to eat is not later close you bising-bising say didn't eat their last fried kuey teow there.

I can't remember when is my first time I had this..... If there is a hall of frame of Kuey Teow I'll sure this one is up on the wall.

Mostly the Sungai Liang man lepak at this place... Soon is going to say good-bye. T.T

I'm going to miss this place one day!!!