My KK Trip

My first time visit KK is back to 1998 by Sea. Second time is 2002 by Air. The Third time which is last week I Land. It wasn't that bad as what I think lah but only the part when coming back when taking the Temburong's ferry. We jam there for 3 hours..... from 5:25pm jam until 8:25pm baru pass the Temburong border and a small river! Lucky the Kuala Lurah no jam, by the time we reach there already 9:35pm! So I don't know the rest of the car behind us how they make it back to Brunei coz the jam behind us still about a km far.....
Not bad lah the trip to KK with my friends... I see a lot of things there and places. We didn't go shopping there.. the only shopping is for the 4x4 parts!!!

I like the moment when every time we stop by the road side when saw people selling Durian.
I ate the Durian Musang and it cost about Rm80.00, Is big enough to feed three of us really full lah but the taste kan.... I still think my wife's kampong is better lah!!! I don't even know the one we had is it the really Musang or not.. but never mind lah only B$33.00 saja... Ok lah!

I think the best part on the trip is when we stop by at the Papar there and eat the seafood. Honestly the curry fish really awesome lah. Not only yummy but also cheap! in Brunei I don't think I can have that 2.7kg fish cook two dishes and one vege only cost use B$66 dollars!!!

This trip we didn't go to the Mt.Kinabalu only at the town area saja...Next time saja lah but if got I think also try the offroad way coz this 4x4 people really hardcore with their road at KK man....

My friend say why not the two ferry just join up together become a bridge saja so people not need to wait so long lah...share share the profit saja ma have have to make the passenger susah susah there right!  

Our first stop at Temburong... Durian... On lah!!!!

Eat seafoods at Papar there... OMG really full full until cannot talk lah!!!

Our hotel room at Bundusan.. Rm$110.00 per night!

The next day went to see 4x4 parts...

Most of the car there are like this... Big Big and High High!!!

Spotted a 4x4 kaki from Brunei... they also follow masuk the Borneo Safari!!!

Another Brunei car again...

This one from Sarawak... checking up and ready to go!!!

Not sure what car is this.. but really nice and classic!

My friends stop by and see see looking Rims!!!

4x4 kaki heaven!!! Macam-Macam ada....

Another Brunei 4x4 car again....

Stop-Stop-Stop.... is Durian time!!!

Some say this kind of durian can make people mabok.. I'm don't think so lah coz I don't feel it bruther!