Makan Seafood At Papar

Guys... sorry for this I'm not sure where is the actual location of this Fu Yee
restaurant. I only knew it in somewhere of Papar. This is my first time use car visit Sabah so I'm blur where I am that time.
So about this restaurant Fu Yee their seafood is nice.... Many people for KK drive 2 hours here just for their seafoods. The reason not only is yummy but also cheaper than KK there... The whole meal we had that night less than Rm$180.00 only... awesome lah!!!
We choose a 2.7kg chicken fish rm$60 per kg only, one fish two cook.... The head cook with steam, body cook curry.... add in vege... we 3 person eat until full full and don't know what to say....
Next time I must come here again and makan there....

Fresh Lobster... Still jump jump tu....

I don't know what is this...... do you know and how to eat???

All fresh fresh and big big and cheap.... Rm$60 per kg including cook!!!

Check out our fish.... can give up to 5 person makan sudah!!!