I Found My Favorite Clay Pot Rice!!!!!

Remember last time I told you that the Tasty Corner Restaurant at Manglait there closed and I how much I love their Clay Pot Rice? Now I know where is the owner that he continue his cook!!
At first I thought he balik kampong sudah and never have a chance to eat his food again, thanks to his daughter got read my blog and message me where is her father!!
Now he no more like last time to run a big restaurant like Tasty Corner before... He now at the  Boustead Sdn Bhd (Nissan and Suzuki showroom) a small canteen there.
I asked him why he want to sell the restaurant and come to this small container here to cook? He told me that due to his ages lah.... he need some rest now and also not like last time can work everyday from morning till night!!! But he still love to cook and that's why he choose to say good bye to "Tasty Corner" and say hello here. Now he is happy with this second life in this small container... Sunday and holiday can rest at home like others. Not like last time 356 days also have to jaga the restaurant, makan angin also susah... Now bila-bila want to travel also can already not need to worry sudah!!!
If you also like to eat his Clay Pot rice... no worries next Saturday got already!!! Only on every Saturday saja other days don't have.
I'm surprise that now his signature dishes here is not the Clay Pot Rice like at Manglait there.. Now everyone come here  for his "Mushroom Chicken Pie" and "Egg Tart". Many people from banks and offices order with him for tea break or meeting makan! Don't Play Play...... I swear it's really nice! Two thumbs up Bruther!!! No wonder banyak orang order lah!!!
Mmmm... Now me can't wait for this Chicken Clay Pot Rice sudah......

You must try this.... Only start have it after lunch!!!
I'm sure many of you know this place kan!!! 

New renovation sudah!!! Clean and nice!!!

This is just only some suggestion saja.. If you want Fried Rice or Mee or Bee Hoon or Chicken wings also have....