Le Doux Patisserie

Bruther do you remember that I share this new pastry shop in my fb which is going to open soon? Yeah... finally today is officially open!  Le Doux Patisserie is a true Kedai Kek Manis. Kalau the cake is not Manis how can you say is Kedai Kek Manis right!!! hehehee.... I don't mean is that type really really really manis that manis lah! 
So anyway... Le Doux Patisserie(sorry I don't know how to pronouncing it) is located at the Batu Bersurat next block of the Happy Star and next unit of De Olde Cottage Restaurant. This is shop is specialist in making Pastries and Wedding Cakes and don't play play the pastry chef is special hired from Sydney Australia. I know some of you would like to know are they going to make some Apple Strudle like the Corica type one right!!! heheheh yeah that is one of my favorite bruther... Yah the Owner Mr. On said No worries, as soon as the ingredients, tools everything arrived he going to call the for nom nom!!! Yeah... I can't wait for that baby!!!
 You know what.... I'm the first customer of Kedai Kek Manis. Don't play play got receipt to proof one ok!!!! I bought some back home for my kids and wife to try. Me and my wife like the "Caremel Mille Feuille" nice...very nice! I can say most of their cake and pastry are very nice looking and fancy! Macam like having Christmas pastry buffet inside there! At the moment not so much chooses coz due to some ingredients haven't arrive but don't worries... very soon macam-macam ada!!!

I like their concept of how the shop looks! This side baru is the main door masuk. And you can sit here and enjoy your cakes and beverage!  

Inside the shop is look like this!

Le Phoenix

Lemon "N" Bloeberry Tarts

Tropical Froits Tart

Cheese Delight

Caremel Mille Feuille

Black Forest

Paris Venise

Look...... this receipt worth for collection!!! I'm the first customer of Le Doux Patisserie 120812/001
Address and contact also down there too!!!