Nur's Kitchen

 This is really new open just about one week only. Me saw someone sharing their shawarma in fb, at the afternoon I straight away go hunt for it with Mr.Bakers. Too bad they only open after 4pm but I went there again after I pick up my wife! 
Nur's Kicthen located at Jerudong, Simpang 341, a small hut just next to Fairozdin Mini Mart. Is very easy to find, just remember the picture I post here but for me I think this place is a bit far away from my house lah!
One thing I want to highlight about their food is all home made, even the bun that use for the "BIG" Burger also made by themselves. Awesome right... I seldom see people selling burger the bun also need to bake sendiri!!
I try their Shawarma Chicken, Big Burger and Cinnamon roll.. all nice but I think the price is a bit high. I asked them why only open after 4pm then she told me that is because they have to prepare all the ingredients, bake the bun, cook the beef and chicken and that's the reason took them long time and late to start the business. After they told me this them I think is ok with the price lah!!
I really hope in future they can open their Nur's Kitchen at Gadong or Kiulap area. 
About their foods I like her Cinnamon roll. Burger and Shawarma also not bad but is better eat on the spot! Too bad there is no place to sit down enjoy it if not were be more better!
Suggest you try the "BIG" Burger.... is really big as my palm and is cook by the owner's husband he from Algeria... don't play play, handsome tu!!!!