Jolly Language School

Aiyo... why this school don't have when I was young kan...if I can come here early I don't think I have the problem of reading and spelling now lah!!!
Then I'll be Jolly-English Blogger not Broken-English sudah lah! You know what... tell you true true one lah.. I eat until now still having the problem spelling "Umbrella"correctly. I know Umbrella got U.M B,L,A this alphabet but it just I can't put them together correctly. Of coz now I have computer and it can help me to correct my spelling when I typing but if you ask me to use pen and write... Habis lah!

The reason why I'm not good in spelling that is because during my school time we learn or spell the word by heart! "Apple".... Close the eyes remember A P P L E read 10 times or write 10 times A P P L E...... like this kind of simple word of coz no problem lah... if is like the word "Applause" ah... Habis lah! We don't have a proper way, formula or Keynote who to read, spell or write. If I'm not wrong right this is how we do A-r , B A-Ba, C A-Ca, D A-Da...... Do you see that Jialat or not? A read until Z ah die lah!!!

Of coz now I don't want my daughter repeat the same mistake I had lah... I decide to put her here the Jolly Language School first. Have you heart about Jolly Phonics? 
Jolly Phonics is a systematic synthetic phonics programme designed to teach children to read and write. Children learn the 42 letter sounds of the English language, rather than the alphabet. They are then taken through the stages of blending and segmenting words to develop reading and writing skills. There are two main approaches to teaching phonics: analytic and synthetic. Both approaches require the learner to develop the ability to hear and discriminate sounds in spoken words. Jolly Phonics is a scheme which comes under the Synthetic phonics method. The Jolly Phonics characters Inky Mouse, Snake and Bee are used throughout the materials. They often reflect the different speeds at which children learn to read and write. Inky Mouse teaches Snake and Bee the letter sounds and reading techniques. Snake picks up the literacy skills quickly, while Bee has more difficulty, but eventually understands.
Jolly Phonics is a commercial programme developed by UK primary/elementary teachers Sue Lloyd and Sara Wernham, and published by Jolly Learning Ltd.(taken from wikipedia)

Now you can sent you kids to come here and learn how to read and write. One year they have 3 intake on the January, May and September and the age start from 3 years above. Coming next intake is no the September....I wondering can I come to this school together with my daughter at same class or not oh.... So I also can improve my English ma right? I think I should talk to the boss and ask him to open a class for adults! 
Of coz the school not only teach the kids read and write saja lah... same like other school also got singing, coloring playing etc... 

I'm sure many parents here wondering where is this new school located right? Jolly Language School located at the Haji Munchit & Hajah Dayang Rapiah  Complex which is the simpang in front the Times Square there. Unit 34, First Floor, Kg Jaya Setia, Berakas BB2713. Tel 2338499 or email:
Or find them in Facebook HERE!!!
Colorful style classroom... I'm sure my daughter love here!!! 

I really love their design.... I think I can use this idea for my daughter's room next time!!!

Parents can wait here for their children finish class!

They are the 3 main Jolly Phonics characters Inky Mouse, Snake and Bee.

Jolly's Playground!!!

If my daughter use back my way to spell all this words I think she cry lah!!!

Jolly Phonics reading and teaching materials.

Aida Muhammad Yasin, She is the Jolly Phonics Professional Trainer. She showing me how to spell Lollipop... lol!!!
In South East Asia region only got 5 qualified Jolly Phonics trainer and Aida Muhammad Yasin she is the one of it!!! Awesome.... I'm so proud of her!!! SEE HERE!!!

I know you want to known the fees right!!!

You see this simpang here... in front the Times Square there... Go in straight till the end and you see this building below!!!

At the 1st floor... ai ya very easy to find one lah!!!