Sui Heng Restaurant

Do you know that Seria town got one restaurant call Soi Heng and Bandar also got one call Sui Heng too and if I'm not wrong in Chinese word they both are same it just the English one is different only
Anyway they both also serve delicious food in Brunei.
Today I want to introduce you guys the Bandar Sui Heng, after so many year open the 1st restaurant at Batu Satu recently they had open another new branch at "Haji Munchit & Hajah Dayang Rapiah  Complex". Yeah I'm sure you say  what??? where is that place??? right!!!
Yalah... I also never heard this complex before and I didn't even know there is a place over there! In fact is very easy to find, You know where is the Times Square right? Just opposite simpang of the Times Square simpang saja.... all the way go inside the simpang and at the end you'll find a new white building! Sui Heng is just in the first 2 or 3 front units... anyway at the moment they are the only one restaurant open there (p/s Sui Heng is a non-halal restaurant) 
Over that area (Airport, Serusop, Kebangsaan, Delima, Berakas etc) so far they are the only non-halah restaurant there. 
  If you know the old Sui Heng at Batu Satu there you know what is their good food there. I love to tapau their economic rice (pick any 3 dishes with one rice) I sure choose their curry chicken one. 
But this Sui Heng new branch one thing I want to highlight is their chef, he last time work with Mei Fang (tungku link) for over 10 years and now came to work with them. I really love their Pai Ku Wong and now I can have it here!!! Overall I kinda like their foods really not bad you can have a try!
For more info here are their contact number 2338321 

I think I need more come out jalan jalan to see our town. I really don't even know there is a new place behind the Times Square!!!

Sui Heng's lunch time always full house!!!

2 Thumbs up for this Pak Ku Wang

 Curry Fish!!! Nice.

Their Fried Lo Pak also yummy! 

 They serve Kuching Laksa too... But of coz cannot compare with real Kuching Laksa from real Kuching lah!!! I think my wife she like it coz not too spicy!!!