CiBui Came To Save Our Day!!!

Home button, home button, home button!!!! Almost every iPhone kaki also have this problem. Click click click no response... press harder then baru ada or have to click the no/off button then baru can go unlock the screeen. 
My iPhone 4 also have this problem long time ago right after my daughter she know how to play with the phone. Actually I want to sent it the shop and fix long time ago but no time and also I heard is kinda expensive too. Then after Rano post in his instagram and his wedsite then I know in Brunei we have such a Hero came to save our life!!!
Last night me and my wife went to met this guy Cibui live at Kiarong which also close to my house.
He just took 30 minutes to fixed my home button and only cost $20.00 and now my iphone back to as new as before. 
I asked him what else lagi he know how to fix beside to fix Home button. He also know how to fix the screen, camera, battery etc for the iPhone 3, 3gs, 4, 4s and also iPod Touch. 
I forgot to ask him iPad he know how to fix or not... if you want you try ask him lah. Next is I want him to fix for my iPod Touch coz the screen already break but still can use. 
His service is really awesome and cheap. Is cheaper than outside shop 30 to 50% included the labor and parts. Where can you find cheaper than him to fix your home button parts and labor only $20.00 saja!!!
Call him Cibui contact number number 8720848 for booking your time.