Are We Ready This For Our Future?

Don't know what is this kah.... Is not an RCA cable for your DVD player lah.... this is a Fiber Optic Bruther!! And this Fiber Optic had invented many years ago. So fast I only see Empire Hotel is using it some of their building. 
I'm so tired now... not that because I not enough sleep is I'm tired that my Broadband are getting slow, especially every night after 12am. Don't know why the speed down very much. I don't get it... mid night suppose not much people using internet and the speed should be more faster than day time right. And the hell is going wrong day time slow, mid night lagi slower!!!

This few days I already thinking to migrate my Broadband to E-Speed after I saw their promotion and it end at the 2nd Jan 2012, should I change or not ha??? I asking and searching everyone and look for the solution in FB. Some show me how good is it but still few say not good, lagi worst one is one guys stay same-same kampong with me and he say our area not good for that.
Aiyo... I heard that tarus no mood.... Like this cannot... like that salah... what should I do Oh!!!!
Is it I have to wait until one day we had the Fiber Optic in each of our house then the internet speed baru tah enough cukup fast fast like a bullet eh??

If one day Telbru say can trade in other broadband to them and get free for the starter pack of E-Speed I think I no doubt sure go for a try!!! Seen already everything is slow but I think I still choose for the "Fasters Slow" one of all 3!!!!