Pusat Ehsan 6th Charity Bazaar 2011

It was a great turn out many people come for the bazaar... I bring my whole family come for this.
Looking for a car park also not easy, have to park far far and walking in! In side the bazaar macam-macam ada lah.... Games, shows, foods and many things to buy. I see many people walk out from the bazaar their hand all sure got buy things one... look like really support it. 
Like one of my friend he is really support for this bazaar. Asking me to help him to do some thing, He give me $200.00 dollars and help him to buy the coupons but he don't want to use!!! Funny kan??? At first I also blur blur what he mean by that.... lupanya he want me to buy the coupons and give it to other people. Because he want to help more for this bazaar but he can't spend that much with the coupons by himself so he want me to give the coupons for free to other people to help him spending it!!! See.... very kind kan this fellow!!! Nice kan this person... no wonder he so handsome lah!!! So I took the $200.00 and change for the coupons and look like an Santa Claus going around giving the coupons to people and spend there... Many people see me doing that also blur blur... Thought that I joking with them!!!
Less than 15 minutes I give all to the lucky people... I was having fun there with my family and hope to come back here again next year!!!

The handsome man who sponsor $200.00 free coupons! I know he don't like to let people know who is he... so I blur up his face!!!!

Santa Claus is coming to town!!!!!

I see many people buy this yo!!! good good good!!!

Luckily my father didn't come here...A stainless steel tandoor oven, If he see this sure buy back home one!!! Use one time them put one side and wait for the Langsat too fall!!!!

They serve Real fresh juice. 

Isn't she looks cute!!!!

In 10 minute I left this!!! Siapa Mau????

My new friends from the Exotic Pets!!!