5 Bowl Rice

Don't miss this video.... seriously you must watch one time this video. This afternoon I was invited to be one of the wittiness to watch 2 Prettyful lady ( pretty+beautiful=prettyful ) challenge each other see who can finishing eating the 5 bowls of rice. Contestant number one Carol Lim owner of Barely There vs contestant number 2 Ea Hui. I cannot believing that one of them really can finish the rice...5 bowls of rice.....really Cannot Play Play with her!!! I was shock when she finish eating the rice and she still want to request one ABC again... She really can eat lah.... I really solute her and now she is my Queen!!!!
Wondering where the rice goes in her stomach... Imagine that the rice, veggie, fish and soup how to hold them all!!! Jialat lah.... I think I fall in love with them next time if got buffet sure must call them to go makan.... That baru not waste kan!!!
Both of have their own 5 bowl of rice!!!

Shake hand 1st before the kick off!!

Our official referee Thanis Lim checking the rice see is even of not and put into the bucket.  

I really salute both of them... Skinny and Prettyful yet still can eat that much!!!!

If you don't believe this is true... Ask them see it real one or not!!! 

Carol Lim and Ea Hui.... I love and solute you both. Next time I buy you both buffet dinner!!!