Mr.Baker's Bakeshop 3rd Anniversary + Beach Bunch's Beach Bun Launching

Today Mr.Baker's Bakeshop have their 3rd anniversary and also launching the Beach Bunch's Bun called "Beach Bun"
Yeah..... sound cool with the Beach Bunch's Beach Bun right!!!! Don't Play Play...this bun you can't find it anyway, only sell at Mr.Baker there!!! FYI to buy our Beach Bun, Mr.Baker are not using plastic bag to keep the bun. They only using paper bag to keep the bun. The reason to do this is too less using plastic bag loh... We understand for some hygiene reason and technical issue bakery shop still need use plastic packaging for packing their products like cakes, pastry and cookies. So Mr.Baker cannot totally say no for plastic day but they are doing Reduce Using Plastic that which is good too. I so glad that they want to take part of this less using plastic campaign. That's why Mr.Baker their slowly go for green, on that day Mr.Baker also giving their recycle bag to the guests and convincing people use try to more use recycle bag or self bring container to reduce plastic usage. Hopefully one day they can reach to 90% reduce using plastic as before!!!

Isn't that great!!! Not just the supermarket or department store can do "No Plastic Day" but the SME also can do too.... Reduce Use Plastic Day also not too bad wat... better than nothing jua kan!! Today just a small step. Tomorrow make a big different!!!!

Wanna know what's inside the Bunch Bun??? Don't Play Play.... you eat until old now still never try flavor like that!!! It has Red Bean+Coconut+Raisin. Why with this 3 ingredients? 
Because our Beach Bunch logo got 3 major things, Beach,Coconut and Sun. Black bean in Chinese is call Bean Sand(dao sa/豆沙) so we got sands as the Beach. Coconut.... you know lah kan got coconut there. But why Raisin?? Because Raisin sound like Rising..... Sun is Rising up so Rising=Raisin lah. So Red Bean+Coconut+Raisin=Beach Bun...........Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

We had try with our  Beach Bun portal type one. Inside got cheese and half cut egg. Cheese look like sand and beach, egg york look like Sun.... but it does taste good. The final touch of Beach Bun is what we have now and sure you can accept one!!! So go try try and support ok!!! FYI Mr.Baker also agreed each Beach Bun you buy few cents are donate to the Beach Bunch funds!!! 

Once again.... Congrats to the Mr.Baker and the Beach Bunch!!! 

Guess what inside the bun? 

Is all free and 30% off with cakes

Roti Buffet........

Congratulation to the Mr.Baker and Beach Bunch

Free recycle bag are given on that day!!!!