Max Centre

Wah.... this one really no play play!!! To get this not the kacang putih kaki can have it yo... must have to be a really pro kaki baru can get their certifies man! After 5 long years Max Centre last Saturday baru dapat ani. After I was told by Operations Manager Chris Tan baru I know some people in Brunei play car really no alang-alang one. Taking care their car just like their wife using SKII. Polishing and Waxing are different things, Got stage 1,2,3,4,5 like that one... wah Jialat if I want to do that by myself I think I'll use my whole day time to finish just one side of my better ask their staff do for me!!!
Meguiar's products really no play play one..... macam-macam ada, after I was introduce their product by Chris my head put paning.... This one for leather seat one.... this one for tyre one... this one for car body one.... Adui no wonder they are pro on polish and wax lah so many knowledge and understanding about it...... really no play play one!!! If you want to talk "Beauty of the Wax" with your car... their are the solution for you!

Matt Davies from the Meguiar's (HK)  and Chris Tan

Feel like in the science class and listen scientific stuff..... I learn something I don't know about polishing and waxing from him!!!  

Bear in mind this is not shopping at supermarket looking for a Omo or toilet cleaner by yourself. Please ask their staff to introduce you their products.

This is good.... After your cat and dog wee wee on the floor. Use this to clean it, not only it remove the stain and smell but also your pet next time won't pee pee there anymore!!!
I wondering can use this to spray on my car tyre or not oh.... so the stray dog won't pee on my wheels anymore!!!

This is good..... every bottles of this cleaner sell, certain amount of the money are donated to the Brunei Breast Cancer Foundation....   

Every BMW car before register or go to their new car owner must come come here make up-make up first!!!

This is the one I mention lah... step 1.2.3.......

FIY you don't think this is only for those people who have luxury or sport car can use... I saw a Toyota Vios kaki also come here to beauty their lovely car too....