Durian 2011

Do you still remember last year I did a video that we throwing durian? If you don't remember see here.
Durian Hunting see here.
This year again balik my wife kampong see how is the durian. So far so good not like last year the tree branch fall and need to buang. So hopefully this year go smooth smooth no big wind or rain like that lah.
But the durian still have to wait some more, maybe like another 2 to 3 weeks time lah! Btw the Durian Kuning also started flowering too before end of the year can makan liao... but of coz hope it can jadi lah!
 Watch the video below yesterday I took one!!! Don't play play the Durian really huge man but too bad balum masak!!!

Durian Kuning started flowering liao! Last year don't have but this year have...... Yeah!!!