Uncivilized Or What?

I hate to see this kind of message that people put on their car rear windscreen.  I mad is not because it say to me, Is because I feel like they making embarrassing we people here; throwing our faces!!! I totally don't even think this is COOL and not even a single cents is funny! What the hell is this guy thinking! Don't he feel ashamed for himself? I wondering does he mean this is FREEDOM of SPEECH?
What if some tourism saw this car going around at the capital....? Malu man.
Too bad I'm not a comic's Super Hero, if not I'm sure pull him over and and ask him to take it out!!!
I feel this message is full of Hate and same thing to the person. If we see this guy next time and make sure please give him a Big Hug and tell him the whole world is still full of love there!!!