Brunei Justin Bieber

I'm sure many of you in here already watch this video is you haven't then sayang lah you! This video share widely in the FB today and but too bad the unloader only share with her friends. Wait one day maybe she will post in the YT then by that time I can share with you all. Actually I can just Pirate Copy out this video but still this is not my video I think I should do it. Anyway I hope that Nikki.C can post this video asap in the YT so can sharing this young boy's talents to all the Brunei's friends

Ok so what is this video about? 
This boy I gonna say I have to solute him and he is so brave. Dance in front one of the shop at The Mall. 
The shop playing the Justin Biber's song 'Baby' and he started dance like nobody. He proud to perform to all the shopper who walking by.... So cuta lag this boy and then at the end he still giving the Space sign and give a bow again....heheh so cute. I really hope this video can post YT soon so I can share you all!!!

Update 31/12/10: So now the camera man had already upload the video at YT 2 days ago. Now you can see how cute is the boy is...