My Nikon D90

Yes..... that's right!!! This is my 1st DSLR. Some people out there are really good with guessing what camera I got and it can see this people are so in good with this stuff hahahah..... I think I have to learn from you people. Really..... I really need help with this gadget, I have so many question to ask about this toy. What is M, A, S, P, AF,AE, ISO, F this F that.....
Aiyo..... I see this short form this already start sak sak now!!! If you ask me how to usr Mobile phone to take picture ah... that one I know lah.. This one really new from me.

Sure some people want to ask me Why I want to get this Nikon D90? Why not the D7000 or the Canon 60D, 550D or the 5D or 7D???
Why must choose this old model which release 2 years ago???????? Yes actually I want to get the Canon 60D at The Maggis Mall one after many many many for search in the net. But last last I bought D90 is because last minute when I want to buy the Canon the time I baru remember that my father back to 15 years ago he also a photographer before and I found out that he had bought a lot of GOOD STUFF and that time and all his Toys are hidden some where in his room which I never found before.
That time he is using Film one... so this day his camera more them 10 years didn't use already. Then I try to search in the net see which DSLR can use this OLD SKOLL lens and I found that those CHEAP and LOW Range DSLR cannot use. So for my situation 1st time user the Nikon D90 is the best choice for me. So now I almost have everything I need for my D90 here. The best part of my father's toys here are the Flash, guess what the flash has never been use before and now after so many years now this toys can start their job again and no more hiding in the closet anymore. 
But still I like to use my iPhone4 to take picture coz I found is more convenient and easy to use. I think I only use this DSLR on some special occasion.... crazy one meh carrying so many lens going around here and there haven't take picture already tired like hell liao loh!!!

Can anyone teach me how to use this thing?

Another lens from my father's old skoll toys

I just spend 1.5k only..... Lucky I got check nicely if not don't know how much money again have to spend and for other accessories liao!!!!