My Miri Trip Yesterday

Long time no go Miri for shopping there already and ngum ngum yesterday got PH so can bring my wife and Mother in law go there. The last time I went down to Miri is for the Miri Jazz Festival one only short short few months already some new building built and shop open. Wah.... Miri now develop very fast man.  DPP like that go one day sure can become a City liao tu!!!!

Anyway we went to a lot of places to do the shopping and things to eat. One of my favorite dishes is the fried stall 23's Kuih Tiao in the town market there. (Sorry is not halah one.) and also the old lady's LauSu Fen even my wife also say is good.

But of coz the whole day is doing the lady's shopping there. I only buy one CD which is the singer from KL one. So today's post I only like to show you some of the picture I took during the visit.

Miri Old Shop at the Town there.

More than half of the people there are the Miri's Senior Citizen. This is the good place for them to Lepak ! 

The Market Food Stall, Macam-macam makan ada but not Halah lah

My 5 stars voted Kiuh Tiao....

This one now is my wife's must eat food at Miri!

First time in my life I see this kind of "SIGN"
No way you can find this here.

Why we don't have this here but Miri got leh???? Are we behind them liao?????

Anyone want to buy DVD?
I love reading but not Books.... I wish I can be like them so I can be a Good Boy too....

My Wife said 'NO' for my baby............. boring!!!!

How come you can only find the Rojak's Sotong selling here Vege Market but not at the Fish Market there? That one also seafood right? Cali......

Nice classic MG

Just open not long ago in front E-Mart 

The Only thing I buy.