Went To Labuan Back From Limbang

Yes it is happen in that way I went to Labuan and came back Brunei through Limbang and that the reason why I didn't update my blog this few day.
 After we finish the cleanup at Serasa Beach and at the afternoon we gonna catch the 3.30pm boat to Labuan coz we have a Bachelor Party over there! I was almost miss the boat. Me and Thye are the last passenger on board. 6 of us it just like we having the TV show "Amazing Race" 
In the 2 days time we are like rushing and hurry in everything except the dinner. The best part of the day is when we wanted to buy tickets back to Brunei and the ticket lady told us there is no more seat! 
 And thanks to Alan he came out with the idea to taking the boat to Limbang and use taxi back to Kuala Lurah then ask someone else to pick us up there.
This trip it was so fun and happening, full of joy and adventure. I'm sure we gonna do this again someday.
Let me rest 1st then I start to blogging again. I need a real good rest coz my legs and back are to painful now.

Crazy.... so hot like that and yet the gang still can go swim lagi

We stay at this hotel and Thye still in the mood of sleep during the breakfast.

We went to this restaurant and their food are awesome  

Left nothing but satisfaction  

Took taxi from Limbang back to Kuala Lurah cost Rm60.00 

Last but not least dinner at the China Town and we all are low batt sudah.