My Mini Me!!!!

Hahahahaha....... This is awesome brother!!! The Jet Li movie "The One" is real!!!! Some one out there is true gonna look like you! See my another "ME" from Malaysia! Thanks to PG Loi he is the one who found my "ME" in KL. My " Mini Me" real name is called  Justin Low he is from Ipoh.
I wondering in the movie "The One" could be real or not oh? What if the other me die liao and would my power getting stronger or not oh!hehehehe of coz lah all of this it just the movie not real one!
I always have this idea in my mind. If I can create a website call "Who Looks Like Me" or "Looks Alike". In the site it's just like the facebook but the difference things is after you upload your picture in there then it were automatic help you to the find the person in the world who looks like you. 
Then you can make friends with someone out there who looks like yourself.... isn't that great? Then I'm sure I gonna be rich and my site is gonna be the top website in the world after the Facebook has create... hahahahahah. 

Picture taken from PG LOI photo album

Please vote for how many percents that we look alike in my chat box