How Does It Feel??????

Today really are not my friend's day.
Yesterday just celebrate his 24th birthday(fake age) at Kuala Lulah and then today the restaurant chef cook him a Special Banar Banar Special "Peneng Fried Kuih Tiaw" for him!!!!
Not need I explain to you people also know who is that "Intruder" lah right!!! 
Yes is the 
"Big Head Dead Fat Fly"
 Luckily I didn't ask for share some with him. I really really disappointed this thing happen on our table some how I just did their Kolomee review in my blog last week. Omg........ Now I really want to ban this restaurant in my list(forever)

So sure you would like to know what's next right?
I nicely talking to the lady there and telling her that there is a special present that your chef giving to to my friend's belated birthday.
Ok then.....they bring back the peneng's 'FLY' kiuh Tiao back to the kitchen and bla bla bla  in there.
Then after 10 minute they give both of us a free 'Tea C Special" (we didn't drink it) as complimentary!!!
Nice.....and this is what we called service.  

 at the ends of the day they still charge us for the stupid
while we walk out from the restaurant !!!
Hello................. are you out of your mind???? you are suppose to give us FOC!!!!!
My friend really really upset about this. Eat the 'FLY' kuih tiao and yet you still want us to pay for it??? What the Biiiiiiiiiiii.......... is that man!!! Don't tell me your boss want money until that level lah come on...... So we argue for a minute and at the end they just charge us for the drinks we order early.
But still my Belated Birthday Boy cannot forget them. 
So he think and think and think inside the car 
and getting mad and mad and mad
So he decided that want me to coverage this incident in my blog today!
So boss of Yappy Kopitiam if you have any further question about it please don't looking for me.
Look for the one and only BOTAK outlet manager work in the Empire Hotel.

Bro....... nyaman kaliya hahahahahahhahahahahah!!!!! you need at least 2 weeks to forget this incident tu. hahahahaha No more Peneng fried Kuih Tiao for a month!!!
wahahah.... Happy Belated Bithday!!!!

You know the worse moment was when you are almost finish the food and then you spotted something is not belong the plate.
Can you spotted where?

Here are the closeup!!!  Ops.... I almost forgot mention one thing.
Before he spotted the fly earlier he also ate a something like nylon in the noodles and clam's shell too 

Thanks God I have my lunch at home just now!!!!