The X Factor Auditions - Harry Abu Anak Brunei...Yahoo!!!!!

Updated at 10:45pm 01.09.10

Click here to read the article from the are the update info from some of the reader. I received some mail and msg form them mostly are from his friends and ex-colleagues. As far as I know now is Harry Hj Abu is from Mumong KB and he is the number seven of 10 siblings. Work with the Royal Brunei Airline as a Air Steward before. And now he has immigrated to Australia few years ago and now worked as a waiter in one of the restaurant there. Back to 2003/04 he also joined the Kristal Fm competition too. 
 So far this is the info I got. If you have any latest news I hope you don't mind to share with me here!   

A new born celebrity from Brunei!!!
Wait!!! What I mean that he is a Bruneian but now famous in Australia 
Guys...... anyone of you how know this man??? Harry Abu from Brunei and I heard one of my friend from Canada that he said Harry worked as a air steward before ( don't know sure or not lah ) and some say he is from Kuala Belait resident. But what I'm sure now is he work as a waiter in Australia. So anyone of you who know him? please share some of his info with me in the chat box.Ok!!!

He joined one of the famous Australia Tv show called "THE X FACTOR" 
He handsome....but too bad he is a Gay!!! I'm not anti gay Ok I do have some "members" friends but it just that I think so sayang lo, such a handsome man why not give a chance to some girls!!!
In the video there you also can see his partner an OZ Orang Putih la tears for him on the spot and me also touching of his performer !!! 
Anyway all I want to mention is his talent. He really sing very good in the audition. See the video below and watch how good is he!!! I so proud of him and now we have another celebrity again after the Prince of the Earth "Zek"
Good luck Harry!!!! wish you can entry to the final.... We all support you here!!!!
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