It's So Hot......

Guys I believe that some of you are already watch this video clip yesterday. Is a young man post his apologize on Youtude and hoping his girlfriend that can see this video and forgive him. He try many way to contact his girlfriend and ask for "Minta Maaf" but the girl just never reply him back. So this video last last not only the girl watched but aslo 14.000 times(increasing now) within 24hours has been watch. 
This original video has been taken down by the owner but someone out there still got the copy including me too. Anyway.... the original video is about 10 minutes so some people comment they had waste 10 minute in their life to watch this. Then in my blog some people ask me to help this young boy but I'm not "The Love Angel" I don't have the arrow to shot them both to fall in love again. 
So I had edited this his video to less then 6 minute and comes with English subtitle in case some of my oversea reader don't understand our Brunei's Bahasa Melayu. Anyway let's us bless that his girlfriend can forgive him asap. 
By the way I spend 6 hours to editing this video and put the subtitle in there. I was a tuff job man! Some of the words this say I really don't get it... So I use this "!@#%^&*()+" to bring over it so it's wasn't the bad words he say.
One thing in this video I don't understand one, I watch this clip over 50 times due to the editing but still I can't find out what is the young boy had done wrong and why he want the girl to forgive him. If anyone know please let me know in my chat box.

Updated: Thanks for some reader and Now then I know why this guy wanted his gf to forgive him. Is because of he had changed the 'status' which is maybe from 'relationship' to 'single' la....
I think mostly is the Facebook stuff la!