April Fool, New Hair Style, New Job, New Environment And New Life!

Everything all come in too sudden, all of sudden feel don't use to it! Life change, job change and hair style change too! Too much too much.... why suddenly there is so many things come in one time. Few day ago I missed my flight to Singapore. Then the next day I lost my Passport, but last last it recover back! Then today I got a new job. Life change, Working Environment change, Hair Style also change.
So what to do..... Life still goes on. I missed yesterday life. Wake up whenever I like, go wherever I suka  and work whoever I want! 
But now everything has change change and change. I have to reach to the office before 7:30am, Lunch break at 12pm~1pm. then finish work at 5pm. Work for how many days a week still not sure la, maybe Monday to Friday working then Saturday and Sunday off. If not is Saturday work half day la. At the moment I still haven't know what is my position yet but I have a feeling that is going Pao Sua and Pao Hai  ( which mean is A~Z also do la ) Feel like I been Sell Piggi 賣豬仔 ( I been selling). I'm not so sure why I taking this job, at the moment I see this place like no Challenge fro me. I still like to do Live Sound Operating and do the Back Stage stuff. I just really don't know why I want to take this job. Maybe is because I'm too FREE in my life now and wanted to waste some more! HAHAHA!!! If this new job is toooooo boring! I think one day I going to quit and back to what I use to have la!!!!! So now see how 1st la!!!