Welcome Aboard????

Welcome aboard or I been kick out??? I just don't get it what the hell reason I can't take my flight??? Brunei-Singapore then Singapore-Brunei all you need is only 4 chop. But I still have 2 page with two chop each,(sorry can't show you my passport page due to my security) you tell me I still not qualify to fly off??? Or is it because you want to push someone on the flight so you pull me down??? I had heard some x RBA staff sometime they need to do that but I didn't expect it happen on me. The person who not allow me to take my flight is not the immigration guy, is a man who arrange my boarding pass one!!! He is the one who say my passport need to make a new one. And he said that he already teletext to Singapore immigration and checked   and help me to push it too but he say no luck to me! I really really have tons of tons of things want to express out and tell you how I feel about it! So now I only can stay in Brunei and let my wife fly alone.... T.T
So now what can I do? stay at home and play with my anak lo, then tomorrow morning must go change my ticket flight date again la. I really really upset about this incident. Yet this is not the worst part cause this coming day I only have one UNDERWEAR  to wear... cause all my boxer is in the luggage and it together with my wife now!!!! Nabay... really CB. So Singapore I cannot go but never mind KL sure can go one( KL=Kuala Lurah Sarawak boarder)  that KL even your passport only left one chop space left you still can In and Out!!! So this is what I know is their DOUBLE STANDARD lah!!! Good job Good Job!!! Yeah.......