Thank You Mr. Gas Tong Deliver Man!!!

I tell you, you also don't believe one. This morning I went to the Singapore Embassy which located at the Jalan Subok there and ask them could they give me a chance to fly to Singapore using my current passport. Guess what!!! I LOST my passport on the way to Immigration there!!! Are you wondering how it can be lost right? Is because I put my passport inside my right hand side jacket's pocket it fell off while I riding my scooter! Then this afternoon I been looking for my passport on the road from Jln Subok to Jln Kebangsaan. Up and Down, Left and Right more then 5 hours. But at the end of the day still no sign of my passport.
So what to do??? the only thing I can do is go back home take shower and ready the document and photo copy go police station and make a report after I having my dinner at home. Just the moment I having my meal time time my maid told me there is 2 Indian guys who had found my passport and send it back to me. OH.............THANKS GOD...........THANKS ALLAH....... and THANKS BUDDHA!!!!
The moment I heard that I can fell like I flying in the sky you know!!!!! And I ask them how they found and where they found my passport and he told me it found it at the junction of the Singapore Embassy there.
The best part is the one who found my passport guy this afternoon just send a tong of gas to my house and I just pass 10 dollars to my maid and give it to him.... OMG.... It seen like we really really got jodoh lah!!!
Anyway at the end of the conversation I gave him a Big Angpow as his reward. Too bad he refuse to take photo with me, if not you guys can buy gas with him. That's why do a lot a lot of good things sure one day you got good luck or a Lucky Angle behind you one. Maybe is because I had posted a video regarding about Don't call Indian guys as "'Kaling" and that's is why this Mr. Gas Tong Man is my Lucky Angle lah....
I think I really have luck to go Singapore one la..... That's is why there is so much trouble come to me... Ticket I think have no choice one la... Sayang then Sayang la......
Once again.... Thank you Mr.Gas Tong Deliver Man!!!! Thank you so much!!!