Spotted this day a lot of youngster like to eat this new kind of LOLLIPOP. This lollipop is not same as like our time one. Not only it has the sweetness taste on the top but also the stick also can Glow In The Dark one!
I saw a lot of teenager having this in their mouth while their hang around at THE MALL. I was so curios where they bought this! Then my friend "Si KIM" told me that it only has sell this at the mall 2nd floor. Each cost 5o cent and it comes with 3 difference flavor Orange, Melon and Strawberry. As you can see the picture above there, the packing are look Cool n Rock!
Ok... I'm not going to how good are this fancy candy! I'm only consent about is it the candy are save to eat? I'm sure that the glow in the dark liquid must have poison and is not suitable for eat right? And what if someone children has accidently over chewing the stick and broke it?
Yala.... I understand that it have say not suitable for children under 3 years old to eat and the instruction show how to bend the stick and make it glow. I can prof that not every children are clever as you all think and even an adult also can make a mistake. Especially a low educated person are more easily can be wrong! Watch the video that I had recorded early then you understand what I mean. I swear that inside the video I had never told the lady how to do. She is doing as she thinking how!!! Please don't laugh at her cause she is a very basic and common person! After you watch the video And take my advice

" Do Not Let Your Children To Have This Lollipop "

Click here to watch the clip!