Oceam Quary's Kolo Mee!!!

Starting today I want to feature all kind of foods from all part of BRUNEI in my blog. If you have any place that you think I should try. Please let me know and leave me a massange in the chat box.
My first mission of Kolo Mee hunting is at Ocean Quary at Kg Bunut.
This restaurant only serve Kolo Mee. I order one bowl of Wantan Kolo Mee and I got Kolo Mee with Wantan Soup instead. It cost me B$3.00.

Taste of the Kolo Mee is okey but I find it a bit spice, maybe it is becasue they put too much pepper. The noodles is not oily but I find a bit hard basically still can accept. Cha Sau is tasteless but I do like with the wantan soup. The soup come with 5 wantans and I find it suprising as other places only give 2 or 3 wantan only.
I give 1 Star for it.

p/s: foods are non-halal.