Home Taste Steamboat Restaurant

There is couple of time people text and ask me where to eat at the Tutong Town!!
Eh..... this is a tough question coz beside the Tutong famous Pulut Panggang (See Here) and the restaurant has a lot flower one (See Here) I really don't know where can tell them to eat at Tutong Town. That's is why every time people travel back to Bandar from KB or Miri hardly stop by at Tutong  and eat dinner although hungry... mind as well just drive another 45 minutes back to bandar and eat there!! Unless you want eat Roti there lah... and Tutong town easy to find there!!

Now let me bring you one place just open this year about 6 months ago the one and first real steamboat restaurant there!
"Home Taste Steamboat Restaurant" are located just next to the Wywy, if you don't know where is there just look for the Halim Plaza lah.. the tallest building at Tutong hehehe just next to it!
If you still cannot find the place.. call me and bring me, I show you the place then I eat with you then you pay for me hehehe!!
One thing I must highlight here which is their $9.80 set steamboat totally worth to try! For my body size this is perfect but for small size people I think can for 2 person eat!! If your friends eat with you here want order A La Carte but still want to try a little the steamboat of yours you all not need to worries kana charge because they are count per set not per head!!
Here I got another recommendation... choose to sit at second floor and near the window there. It has a better view up there and the aircon just nice spot too coz eat steamboat vert hot is aircon not cool you feel like at eat at sauna room!!!
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This is the place night Good Weather you can choose with outside here enjoy you dinner!!!

This is the set for one person $9.80!!! 
Isn't that awesome?? Got fresh meat, chicken, prawn, tofu, fish cake, noodle, meat ball, vege crap ball, fish ball etc!!

If you want more better try to challenge this for 3 person set $9.80x3!!!
Fresh fish, meat, chicken, katam, Sotong, mussel  etc.... fyi say is for 3 person but is enough for 3 adult 2 kids!!!

Come take a closer look this is for 3 person set less than $30.00 can you tell me why not worth it?? What's the reason I cannot no introduce you all try right????

Let's All In!!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen start your engine!!!!
They have 3 type of soup here... Tom Yum, Chicken and Soup Tulang!!
I choose Tomyum and Chicken soup.

I like to make my steamboat more creative!! Check out my Tomyum Noodle Soup hehehe

If you want some more special come try this lah!!!

If you don't want the $9.80 set add a little bit more $3.70 for the Seafood Platter also good choice!!!!

Now see already you want to go try right!!!!