Fake Coloring Kit

This days really a lot of scam... the most common one is the phone call or message type... they tell you " congratulation you won $$$$$ " when every time I got this type of call I'm very smart one never felt into their trap but this time I'm wrong!

Last Sunday I bring my kids went to shopping and also buy some school stuffs ready for next year. My kids saw a Princess drawing set with coloring kit. Yup... to make them happy for sure I'll buy that for them and never thinking is good or bad coz it just at drawing stuff.
But when we reach home and my kids started to play with it then we just figuring out the color kit are Fake!!! It's actually is the tray are printed with color. No matter how you use the brush and water to rub on the tray, the color will never out out!!
At that moment I half laugh and half mad.... Eh or I should say I don't know should I laugh or should I mad!!!
No wonder this MIC one so cheap lah.... last last my kids they use the crayon to color the princess.
So daddy mommy next time you buy this type of coloring kit make sure see closely the coloring are real or fake one oh!!!