Oki MC362 Printer

 Years ago I got this question why we cannot just bring our pen drive only and prints what we want in there... not need to bring the original copy to the photocopy shop.
Like we want to print the passport, ic, driving license etc... every time must bring the original copy there and print.
I found that most of the photocopy don't have this feature one... and if you want they have to use computer and use color printer to printer for you but it will cost 10x expensive!!

Now I know which printer can solve my question and it really make me thinking to get one of this back home lah.
This Oki brand printer really not bad oh don't play play... Not only that it got usb port for the pen drive,  it also can use wifi to printer thing from your smart phone.. cool right!! It available for  Apple® AirPrint™, Google Cloud Print™ and MotionPrint™ from OKI®
Now only that... it has a lot of feature I never heard before... Maybe I'm not a printing kaki so I don't know this day printer can do so many things now!! All I know All In One printer is like got Fax, Scanner, Print Photo, Print A4, A3 this is all I know normal printer can do...
But hey this Oki lagi Power lah... Print Banner also can no problem, I see the quality I also shock!! Duplex (2-sided) printing/copying standard, Multi-tasking functionality standard, Full-featured fax with dual access functionality and 4 MB fax memory, 50-sheet reversing automatic document feeder (RADF) standard – saves time and energy and most feature it has inside there.... say also cannot say finish here... I think for office or home office like me people is a not bad investment for this printer lo.
At first I tot is gonna be expensive like a thousand dollars by looking the size, multifunction and the quality but I'm wrong it's only $673.00 during the promotion...but of coz there is other printer may fit your needs too at the
Azutech Sdn Bhd Unit 1, Ground Floor, Plaza Al-Abrar Kg. Mata-Mata, Jalan Gadong Bandar Seri Bagawan, BE1718  +673 2428866
Not hard to find one.... Just same block with the Pizza Hut at the Beribi there next to the Ugama school there!!!

See.... like that also can print power lah.. my old one only can do A4 saja hehehe!
I know what can I do with the printer now.... Printer a Hight Marker for my 2 daughters a home. 

It has a small screen on the printer this also allow you to see your files in the pen drive which file you want to print one... 

Is using separate CMYK toner cartridges good for lower cost of operation and also no worries that your document kana water the color run away!!!

Azutech Sdn Bhd

Check this out how the printer print the photo via the smart phone